Monday, August 29, 2011

Various levels of inconvenience . . .

We really should thank the Miami-Dade County Building Code. Being forced to comply with the most stringent safety regulations in the country, when it comes to building, may seem frustrating. But when the storms come, and a tree falls on the house, we may see a difference in the results from the rest of the country. Perhaps. Usually.

It seems strange and wonderful not to lose our power for two weeks with a storm so close. Just before the storm came near, Fla Power and Light had trouble on a main line. I know because I called to report the power outage and asked the cause of it. I was in the dark literally but I knew where a flashlight was supposed to be.

After making the call, I dug out a small battery-operated fan and put in four D cell batteries. If I didn't move a muscle, it helped. I didn't move.

Power came back on after just over an hour.

I feel so badly for those without power who didn't know exactly where the flashlights were and didn't have little fans with batteries for them. Plus, say, ice, water, and food supplies.

The aftermath is a different kind of ordeal than surviving the storm. Lots of people are stranded in our airport due to cancelled flights. Some are taking the train north.

I know this how? Because Amtrak is sold out through next Wednesday . . .