Saturday, October 29, 2011

Empty noggin, or not in use . . .

It had rained off and on all afternoon.  When I realized we needed buns for the planned dinner hamburgers, it was only sprinkling lightly so I made my run.

The store had halloween candy (I refuse to dignify this day with a capital letter) buy one get one free, so I got that, too.  

Came back and inside in a dry manner.  Half an hour later, the bottom fell out of the sky.  Mew isn't terrified so there is no thunder in the distance beyond human hearing.  

There is now a flood watch for our county.  This means don't drive through any puddles at great speed.  It also means to use common sense about where to drive.  In addition, it assumes that most drivers have a modicum of that kind of sense.

I'm not so sure . . .

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cry for help . . .

I have been trying to comment on Adventures in Lake City. Each time I select a profile to use to comment, the screen blinks back to the select a profile version and my comment disappears from the box.

01 Doc has commented. Why can I not do it? I can comment on 01 Doc's site but not on Adventures.

Any suggestions? Please?

Monday, October 24, 2011

In honor of 01Doc, who posted . . .

We are back at home and it feels like I retired all over again. There are things to do but if I want to procrastinate, that's all right, too.

Zeta has such cute kitties. One of them demanded I change the location of his food dish. It was quite plain what he wanted me to do - he nearly wrote me a letter about it. Needless to say, I pulled at my forelock to indicate respect and moved the feline cuisine - with Zeta's permission, of course.

We recently had a wind-storm move from south to north. It passed us well to the west. We were warned that the system had tornado potential and it did do damage when it reached Broward county.

Mew needed no such warning. When the storm reached its nearest position well to the west of us on its way north, she leaped from her condo. Stomach to the ground, she crept slowly, and with utmost stealth, beneath the dining room table.

Next time she does that, I'll be tempted to join her . . .