Friday, June 24, 2011

Gourmet food . . .

Tomorrow, is Saturday and we are meeting for breakfast at Deli Lane. I may have no dinner tonight just to prepare for it. I had Cheerios last night. They were the whole grain variety and so felt healthy going down. We were out of bananas, though, so I didn't get the full experience.

I need to make a run to the store, huh?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

To err is . . .

This morning, I did not have the hard time accessing this account that I had yesterday. Yesterday after many tries to log in, and being refused, the Jabberwocky started.

Perhaps Google wanted me to prove I was human. I can show a different proof: it was much easier today with the number lock turned on.

Mea DumDum.
I almost could not access my account here - because, why? Blogger has decided, or Google has decided, that I must type in, correctly mind you, slanted and distorted gibberish in a language not recognizably my own. Jabberwocky, maybe.

I did not ask for this feature. I do not want this feature. And there is this which was provided by FIU Technology News and Alerts:

Google Images - A Vector for Malware.

We have identified Google Images as a vector for transmitting malware through infected image files. As such, we’ve seen an increase in malware attacks throughout the university.

The Division of Information Technology recommends that you use an alternate source for images. Other sources are Bing and Yahoo! among others.

I had previously received a notice from my Norton Internet Security that it had protected the laptop from an intrusion attempt after I downloaded some images of Morkies from Google. Oops.

Charley's dog is a Maltese/Yorkie cross and she is adorable. Morkie. I just wanted to see more dogs like her and nearly got more than I bargained for.

Thank you, Norton.
Google, not so much.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mad dogs and Englishmen . . .

At times, one can subject self to surprising conditions, unknowingly. Today, I went to a large box store, huge floor plan, illogical arrangement of items such plastic refrigerator-storage containers residing on a shelf a football-field away from Saran wrap. No logic to it, see?

I went in for one item. I came out with that one item and nothing else. Against all logic, I know.

I believe I found a reason, though. On the way home, I glanced at the car's digital temperature readout and yelled it aloud in the quiet car as I was driving along.

A 102 degree temperature at 3 p.m. explains many anomalies.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cease, no, WAIT . . .

Dog training must be hardwired into my being. The third (temporary) member of our pack has started accepting a tiny treat after hearing Tammy-come and then stepping forward to accept a miniscule morsel.

Her owner (he bought her but he has yet to become her master) had told me she won't accept treats from the hand. He has to scatter a couple around his house so she can get them at her leisure if he offers her any.

I had the three dogs sitting in a semicircle in front of me and only responding to each one's individual name when I called it. Tammie's owner was impressed.

She will now "hush" when pointed to and given the command. She is even beginning to WAIT at the door as the other two dogs do. Tammie's owner is even beginning to remember to say WAIT, himself.

Will wonders never . . .

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life lesson . . . wild style

This morning was a mini-armageddon for wildlife. Something was on the wooden stringer on the outside of the tall, wooden gate and a Mockingbird was dive bombing it so hard the gate would rattle. Whatever it was came down the opposite side of the fence with the screaming bird chivvying it along so hard I could hear the thumps when he hit.

As the action got close to where I was standing with the three dogs on leashes, a desperate squirrel jumped over the top of the fence landing nearly at our feet. He was dumfounded and so were the dogs. Evidently the bird had done some real damage because he had a difficult time climbing the nearby palm and nearly fell off when he had to negotiate the fronds.

Only Mollie, the spaniel, tried to get to him. He was too traumatized to even chitter at her.

Bet he'll leave that bird's nest alone . . .

Thursday, June 2, 2011

In continuation . . .

Perhaps the previous post was an exaggeration of sorts.

Today, I propose a riddle: What does low sodium teriyaki sauce, leftover turkey, leftover stuffing, leftover gravy, niblet corn, tomatoes in onion and green pepper, sauteed onions-celery-mushrooms with mozzarella cheese sprinkled atop amount to?

Ha! Desperation Casserole. I'll let you know if anyone dies as a result of ingestion . . .

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bye All

This is the final post for Ranger.