Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Civic Duty, oh yes

There is almost always someone here, at home. But one of us came down with an attack of jury-duty-itis.  This person left home at ten to seven am on Monday and was still ten minutes late at the courthouse downtown.  

Lotta traffic.  No accidents though.  Just lotta traffic because school just began and drivers suffer from the inability to drive sensibly when school has just started.  This gradually clears up and becomes just bearable rather than an impossible situation.

Our jury duty attendee was sent home with the caution to call the number provided after 5 pm, every day for two weeks.  He hasn't been summoned back yet. 

I'm not sure he wants to be.  He was pretty tired between not sleeping well the night before and getting up at six am.

Poor baby.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

In Lock-up

We have started keeping the front door locked to remind we humans not to throw the door wide and allow Snax to exit stage center.  I was in the dining room at the computer when Snax came toward me using a call I have never heard from him.  It was a rather alarming growly meow, in a low register.  

I don't ignore unusual cat sounds ever since one of our, now long gone, cats found a small fire in the kitchen and gave the alarm by screaming her meows.

Snax accompanied me to the front of the house but waited while I went to the door.  J had been working outside when BigEd left, locking the door behind him.  J, being locked out, had not called nor rung the doorbell yet.  Snax knew he was there and went for help - I can only assume,

We need to talk to him about dialing 911 . . .

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Paying with what?

Today, the price for staying up to watch late night TV is a scratchy eyeball feeling and clumsy typing using all thumbs.  I was the designated driver for a trip to the eye doctor.  All is well and we were back home by ten o'clock.  

Earlier, at 6:45 am, the swale  and driveway were awash with water with more coming down.  By 7:30 am, when we left for the appointment, the only sign of a minor deluge was the slippery roads.  Well, also there was the freshly washed world around the roads.

Post-appointment, as we made our way back into the parking garage to retrieve the car, we dodged, or strode through depending on who we are talking about, standing remainders of another deluge which took place while we were in the interior of a windowless building. 

Not a drop fell on our persons.  I hear thunder, though.  We are going through another wash cycle pretty soon if the portents are right.  

Mew is hiding.  She is a better weather reporter than anyone on the talky-box.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

For Dummies?

While browsing the (my) library's e-books, I found Nook Tablet for Dummies which fits with my mental state on some days.  I realize it is for an older generation tablet but similar enough for my purposes.  I believe I know what I am doing with the tablet I received from my special family group.  But it is always interesting to learn how much one doesn't know.

 At present, I am reading Dummies on my iPhone.  Take that, Apple.  I am the disloyal patron you always knew was out there.  I love the new version of Siri, though.  Do I wish I could talk to the tablet and have an interactive conversation?  No.  One IA is enough.  Two cats and Siri-on-one-device. is independence enough. 

Snax got out by rushing the front door when BigEd was coming in.  Chasing a cat with long legs and blinding speed is futile.   So, I called him for a treat and he avoided the chase and came in the open front door to get some.  Mew was at the front door, looking out and wondering if she was going to get a treat, too.

Of course she did . . .