Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Paying with what?

Today, the price for staying up to watch late night TV is a scratchy eyeball feeling and clumsy typing using all thumbs.  I was the designated driver for a trip to the eye doctor.  All is well and we were back home by ten o'clock.  

Earlier, at 6:45 am, the swale  and driveway were awash with water with more coming down.  By 7:30 am, when we left for the appointment, the only sign of a minor deluge was the slippery roads.  Well, also there was the freshly washed world around the roads.

Post-appointment, as we made our way back into the parking garage to retrieve the car, we dodged, or strode through depending on who we are talking about, standing remainders of another deluge which took place while we were in the interior of a windowless building. 

Not a drop fell on our persons.  I hear thunder, though.  We are going through another wash cycle pretty soon if the portents are right.  

Mew is hiding.  She is a better weather reporter than anyone on the talky-box.


ol Doc said...

We had a bunch of wet stuff fall from the skies the past week. Pretty much every day We had no eye doctor appointments and the last time we drove was last Friday to get Tom from the VA. Today we had service from a different CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) to help him bathe and shave and do his laundry and clean the bathroom and bedroom. The other CNA was just throwing up too many red flags for me. She started out well but as time progressed - she confided that she had tried Marijuana and artificial MJ. And her doctor prescribed pills for pain. (Ruht-Roh!) Oxycotin/oxycodone. I was with the Drug Task Force long enough to think of the word addiction. When she thought she was pregnant, she stopped taking her meds. There was a personality change - more depressed. Suspicious of her boyfriend taking her pills. When she had a D&C - she was able to start taking meds again and had a lot more energy and seemed to be more cheerful. The CNA who came in today found the condition of the bedroom and bathroom to be bad enough that she was going to report the other woman. It wasn't properly cleaned and there was still a towel on the floor outside the shower. Then she found that Tom probably has a yeast infection - and that did set her off. She called the company while she was here. We put Triple Antibiotic salve on him and reported to the company who said to watch it for a couple of days and if it wasn't clearing up, that the family should make a doctor's appointment. I texted the doctor after the CNA left. Will probably get a response in the morning. No sense in waiting for the weekend when the doctor will be off. If it's not one thing, it's two others. The only thing we seem to be missing is a Weather Cat. I suppose we must depend on TWC for our reports. We do have a bird who predicts when the microwave will tweee. She heard the thing running and was just making the cutest little schweee tweee sounds. Until the microwave did the same. Then she stopped. Duh! Took me long enough....

RANGER said...

You have an adorable hearing-aid parrot! She was a doorbell parrot here in Miami. I would call her name and she would squawk like crazy to let you know that someone was at the door.

We could use one of those when the dryer beeeeps and J can't hear it when he's in the living room.