Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Civic Duty, oh yes

There is almost always someone here, at home. But one of us came down with an attack of jury-duty-itis.  This person left home at ten to seven am on Monday and was still ten minutes late at the courthouse downtown.  

Lotta traffic.  No accidents though.  Just lotta traffic because school just began and drivers suffer from the inability to drive sensibly when school has just started.  This gradually clears up and becomes just bearable rather than an impossible situation.

Our jury duty attendee was sent home with the caution to call the number provided after 5 pm, every day for two weeks.  He hasn't been summoned back yet. 

I'm not sure he wants to be.  He was pretty tired between not sleeping well the night before and getting up at six am.

Poor baby.


RANGER said...

Oh, and he wasn't sent home because he was late - they didn't care. They didn't need any more jurors so they sent the excess ones away with instructions to call every evening.

ol Doc said...

Well, if he is 70 or over, he can be excused. The word Curmudgeon need never come into it. Unless he wants it to.

If he is under 70 he can just wait to be called again and again. Unless he acts in a curmudgeonly manner, in which case they may excuse him for the next few years.

I got called for Federal Jury Duty in the past year. I mentioned the caregiver situation and was excused. When December comes, I will have an added arrow to the Skip Me arsenal.

I did answer the County summons one year while I was working. Every time the attorney questioned if anyone was acquainted with law enforcement procedures - or had possibly run across the defendant's name in the news or OTHERWISE - my hand shot up. I was excused at the end of the day. Heh.

RANGER said...

He knew about the age exclusion because I used it recently. He wanted to go. He is still having to call every evening until next Friday.