Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cross Creek and 'cross the state

We visited upstate so briefly that we should call it a drive by.  Since we returned, my dear sister sent me a notice of a Cross Creek Festival.  Momentous. I wish she and I could go.

We are both avid about Cross Creek, written by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.  We have always said that we would like to go and see for ourselves the environs where Ms. Rawlings wrote and cooked and hunted.  
That particular book resonates with our childhood, I believe, although the only things I have ever shot (at Uncle Wag's and Aunt Doris's place) were guavas placed as distant targets in the grass.  I was deadly when shooting at those.  If we had ever been attacked by guavas . . .

Observing Uncle Wag, I saw how readily the training of dogs was achieved by  repetition, patience and praise.  I love doing that, to this day.  

I really do wish we could have gone to Cross Creek together. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Warm is better . . .

We are now the recipients of a second, new hot water heater.  This one works without blowing thermostats or getting so hot that one could almost make tea with water from the tap.  

It was not difficult, we just had to be persistent and annoying in asserting out claims.  

Now, warm showers are the norm again.  It is amazing how we take such things for granted until they go missing from everyday life.  


Friday, October 5, 2012

Whadda YOU smell?

On July 9th of this year, we bought a replacement hot water heater after the thirty-plus-year-old one died.  The new one lasted two months.  We are in negotiations to get it replaced because the upper AND lower thermostats were replaced three days ago and now no longer work.  They want to replace the element(s) before giving us a whole replacement water heater. 

I am beginning to smell lemons every time I turn on the hot water tap. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Squallng out power ...

Yesterday, we received the gift of a line of squalls traveling one after another over our neighborhood.  The power went out about two p.m.  FP&L said that their equipment was at fault.  I guess so.  The flash and thunderclap were simultaneous with Mew leaping away to hide and the power failure.

 I had just bought a flashlight which is a really bright led.  I used it to guide me to the Nook which had just been fully charged.  I read for the better part of three hours until the lights flickered back on.  It is indeed that ill wind which blew some good, for me, at least.

We had turned off the beeping UPCs and the A/C, so everything electronic survived.

We were back to the future as soon as . . .

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rain n katz . . .

We had 6.2 inches of rainfall today.  Thank the Lord for the storm drains that Commissioner Javier Souto was instrumental in having installed.  In the olden days, water would have been over half way up our driveway.  Now, it confines itself to the swale before draining away.

Snax strolled down the hallway, under my eyeballs, this morning.  He rounded a hassock and I heard a small hiss from Miu.  I herded him back to his room, explaining that she was not ready to be friendly yet.  

This was a big improvement over her getting "all haired up" and lashing her tail.  She didn't even bother to stand up.  Progress.

I hope the little ol' Lake City kitty is feeling better. Really hope so.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Miu and improved version . . .

Miu is much better.  She has started playing much more and killed her squeaky-mouse again last night.  Her favorite plaything, right now, is a piece of my kitchen string.  I need to get her another "Da Bird" as she really did kill the last one.  She played it to death.

She and Snax are inured to one another.  He is gaining weight and can really push on your hand to be petted.  Of course, he prefers doing that while you are putting down his food which can scatter everything.  

He likes that, too.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Snake, snake, or the intrepid . . .

We took Miu (note the spelling change of her name)  to the vet on Sunday.  She was sneeze/coughing and Dr. B., our regular vet, was on call.  We also discovered that there is no extra charge for weekend, or even Sunday, visits.  Didn't know.

She is a fighter at the vet and has three red dots on her chart. It was explained to us that one red dot means:  gets mad.

Our vet had his wrist in a cast which he said was because he broke it when he slipped and fell while chasing a python near 67th and Bird Rd.  He showed us pix of the (deceased)  beast on his iPhone.  Long, it was, (18-19 feet) and great of girth.

He let BigEd and me stay while they examined Miu and drew some of her blood.  Not a peep out of her as long as she could see and hear us cheering her on.  No growling, no screaming, no struggles. 

It turned out to be a virus so she didn't get an antibiotic.  We did learn, however, that she should not receive any more shots or vaccinations because she is 12 years old. 

She has recovered without treatment. 

Little hypochondriac . . .

U-Verse, yes-verse

We have had U-verse for over a week, now.  There is a slight learning curve which has flattened out a bit.  I find I am recording more movies that only I want to see.  Comic stuff, perhaps, or British.  Today and last night it was Zoo Keeper and Freaky Friday.  I have discovered The Importance of Being Earnest, with Colin Firth and Judy Dench, but have not had a chance to view it in its entirety, yet.  I love what I have seen of it, though.  If  I can just find The King's Speech . . .

Plus I confess a guilty pleasure:  Big Brother After Dark on Showtime2, which we never received before.  I admit that shows in some of the trailers hyping other Showtime offerings are not for me.

If you liked the All Creatures Great and Small series, The Incredible Dr. Pol, on Nat Geo is for us both.  These are just the few I have found recently.  Watching anything from any set in the house, and with full featured controls on any set, is still a novelty.

Zeta20 told us we would love it . . .

Further adventures in commenting

Firefox doesn't seem to recognize my gmail identity on when I try to comment on Adventures in Lake City.

Believe it or not, I.E. does remember my identity.  This is my only activity on I.E.  I open it for commenting on A in LC.  

My further adventures in computing, I guess.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Never Mind . . .

I went to Blogger address provided by 01 Doc in a previous comment.  I queried Blogger why I could not comment on Sarah's blog.  I said that Blogger could reply to my gmail address.

THEN, I signed in to the Google gmail address found a copy of my query to blogger which had been sent to gmail.  That email contained the url for Adventures in Lake City.

I clicked on the url, was transferred to the actual blog and was able to comment.  Why? I dunno.  The Universe moves in mysterious ways.  So does the Bloggerverse - possibly the Google-verse, too.

I do know that I had better not delete that email, ever . . .

Friday, August 31, 2012

Cry for Blogger help!!!

I am out of options when trying to comment on Adventures in Lake City.  I have tried asking Blogger for help but can only get instructions for logging  in to comments on blogs that work as usual.

Funny that o1 Doc can  comment and I can't.  As soon as I click on "publish," the info I have typed into the comment window  disappears, no matter which ID I have selected.  I tried "anonymous" just now and can't comment.

Does anyone know how to ask blogger an individual question?  To a real live person?  I haven't been able to.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I shutter to think . . .

We put up the shutters for Isaac.  The sharp edges of them must have scared him away.  Rather than cut his windy fingers on them, he veered to the West and decided we could keep our electric power, after all.

He is a different critter in the Gulf.   I thank the Lord that we were spared. 

There is a side effect to having the windows covered.  From inside the house, it always seems as if it is just about to rain.   Our poor Miu runs and sticks her head and shoulders under the drapes at the long front window to look for lizards and such.  She soon comes back out clearly puzzled as to where the rest of the world has gone.

We have been keeping Miu and Snax apart because Miu is a senior citizen, only cat, and has to indicate whether she will accept Snax.  Today they drank a little tuna water from bowls about four feet apart.  Snax kept his head in his bowl while Miu kept bobbing up to look at him and then back to having some more goodness.  She finished first and walked into the bedroom that is hers and BigEd's.  Snax turned and went back into his own room (smart boy) and I closed his door. 

I am not sure what this portends.  Perhaps Snax wields more patience.  He is a relly sweet cat.  We took him to be spayed (we thought he was a girl) and found out he had already been neutered.  He got his shots and a checkup.  He had been living in our yard under the bushes or under the cars.  He was getting thinner and thinner.  We finally decided that if we did not feed him, he might just lie down one day and not get up.  Someone abandoned a really sweet cat who is pathetically grateful to interact with humans.  Miu better loosen up.

 It's going to be a long summer.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

We Are Hunkered

We have storm shutters on all windows.  We are in our cocoon and the cats agree that something is up.  They are sticking to us, at least Miu is.  For a while she hid in the bathroom but then decided we might be the safer choice.  She is not sure just how much power we have over the elements.  

If she only knew . . . . . .

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Message to Sarah

This is for Sarah.  I still can not post.  My comments disappear into the ether when I click on publish.  I think this will appear on the right side of your blog . . .

Monday, May 28, 2012

The measure of Thank You . . .

We might be living under a repressive regime, but we're not.  We might be suffering from hunger or thirst, but we're not.  We might have few human rights, but that's not the case.  We might need to run for our lives, but that situation is not ours.  

Not now, not at this moment, because " ... the last full measure of devotion" is on the line for so many of our defenders whose bodies, hearts and souls are the currency of our freedom.

"Thank You" is a small offering for such sacrifice.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shame on . . .

AT&T has responded, evidently, to my previous post.  Or perhaps I was one of a myriad of protesters.  The wait time for Connectech service is reduced to two or three minutes as I discovered recently.  

Also, they are saying again that we can have U-verse service.  I am a doubter, though.  Twice before we have been told that it was available.  It's that fool-me-once, fool-me-twice experience.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

AT&T Connectech Plus

In December of last year, we were having connection challenges (my old chief used to tell us that we faced  challenges, not issues) with our ATT high speed internet.  I signed up for Connectech Plus which is their tech support offered at a monthly fee.  They resolved our problems with connectivity and as a bonus, tweaked BigEd's laptop so that it runs much faster. 

Tonight, while J and I were watching an old movie, BigEd informed me that the internet had been down for some time.  I called Connectech.  The automated message advised that most problems could be solved by rebooting the modem and then the computer.  We tried that and it worked.

But, I stayed on the telephone line to ask some more questions.  I have been listening to the hold-muuusiiiic for 30 plus minutes, now.  Luckily we have a handset with a built-in speaker.

Update:  Was on hold for 35+ minutes.  That's a long time tied to one call.

The rep asked me if I was satisfied with the service.  I told him:  

 Love the service-hate the wait time . . .   

Thursday, March 1, 2012


A doctor we know recommended Benefiber.  He told us he starts his coffee day with a couple of spoonfuls of Benefiber stirred in.  His wife, if she pours his cup, has to tell him to finish all of this one as it is special.  Otherwise, he wouldn't know as there is no taste or change in viscosity.  

This works for us, too.  It doesn't seem to be the solution for everyone, but it works well for our little group.  When we can get it.

There have been coupons for $1 off of any one and $3 off of any two jars of Benefiber, in the newspapers.  BJ's sent out coupons which could have been combined with the manufacturer coupons for a total of $5 off two jars.

This is a good deal and even cause to stock up.  Which everyone else has done.  I came to this party tooo laaaate.  

BJ's is out. BJ's does not give rain checks.  Did you know this?  (Neither does Target, by the way, but that is another experience for another day.)  CVS is out.  Walgreens is out.  Locally anyway.

So, I bought the Walgreens immitation stuff.  Compare to Benefiber, it says on the jar.

Believe me, we will.  We have no shame . . .

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just asking . . .

Is there an intervention for Angry Birds addiction?  I have a (ahem) friend who . . .

Once in an Ibis moon ...

I have dived into real life and have ignored virtual life as it is lived here.  If I can figure out how to upload the pictures from the iPhone, I might even post some.  

There was a flock of white Ibis in our side yard as BigEd and I drove up.  I handed him the camera phone and rolled down his window.  They ignored us and kept bobbing for food in the dry grass.  Air brakes sounded from a couple of blocks away causing the whole flock to leap 6 inches in the air simultaneously.  It was funny but, of course, too quick to capture (I started to write "on film" which will indicate my age . . .) unless by happy accident.

We watched them a bit and then slowly opened the car doors and eased out.  They kept bobbing.  When we went inside, they were still at it and had moved closer to the empty car.

Having them ignore trust us feels like a kind of blessing. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rewind, fresh start

First, the traditional greeting:

 Happy New Year!

Which is sincerely meant.  We stayed up to see the new year in properly and it behaved as expected.  

This is the first time I have tried to use the new Blogger dashboard. It is as if my computer has signed on to a new system, without permission, while feeling its way around.

Enough whining.  Not good for beginning a fresh year.  So, I will just go ride the bike for a change.  That is not a resolution, you understand.  

It is an intention for one day at a time, starting today.  Much less intimidating than a resolution . . .