Saturday, March 3, 2012

AT&T Connectech Plus

In December of last year, we were having connection challenges (my old chief used to tell us that we faced  challenges, not issues) with our ATT high speed internet.  I signed up for Connectech Plus which is their tech support offered at a monthly fee.  They resolved our problems with connectivity and as a bonus, tweaked BigEd's laptop so that it runs much faster. 

Tonight, while J and I were watching an old movie, BigEd informed me that the internet had been down for some time.  I called Connectech.  The automated message advised that most problems could be solved by rebooting the modem and then the computer.  We tried that and it worked.

But, I stayed on the telephone line to ask some more questions.  I have been listening to the hold-muuusiiiic for 30 plus minutes, now.  Luckily we have a handset with a built-in speaker.

Update:  Was on hold for 35+ minutes.  That's a long time tied to one call.

The rep asked me if I was satisfied with the service.  I told him:  

 Love the service-hate the wait time . . .   


ol Doc said...

Verizon. That is all I can say. (Don't tell Mark!!!)

J. Edward Sweeting II said...

Mark will find out if we do what you suggest. We like out cheap and discounted bill for the phone bill.

J. Edward Sweeting II said...

Oops, out is supposed to be our. I hate it when I spell a typo like that. I can't cover it up with cuteness.

RANGER said...

Yes, you can, J. Edward. I laughed at the cuteness.