Thursday, March 1, 2012


A doctor we know recommended Benefiber.  He told us he starts his coffee day with a couple of spoonfuls of Benefiber stirred in.  His wife, if she pours his cup, has to tell him to finish all of this one as it is special.  Otherwise, he wouldn't know as there is no taste or change in viscosity.  

This works for us, too.  It doesn't seem to be the solution for everyone, but it works well for our little group.  When we can get it.

There have been coupons for $1 off of any one and $3 off of any two jars of Benefiber, in the newspapers.  BJ's sent out coupons which could have been combined with the manufacturer coupons for a total of $5 off two jars.

This is a good deal and even cause to stock up.  Which everyone else has done.  I came to this party tooo laaaate.  

BJ's is out. BJ's does not give rain checks.  Did you know this?  (Neither does Target, by the way, but that is another experience for another day.)  CVS is out.  Walgreens is out.  Locally anyway.

So, I bought the Walgreens immitation stuff.  Compare to Benefiber, it says on the jar.

Believe me, we will.  We have no shame . . .

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