Friday, September 28, 2012

Squallng out power ...

Yesterday, we received the gift of a line of squalls traveling one after another over our neighborhood.  The power went out about two p.m.  FP&L said that their equipment was at fault.  I guess so.  The flash and thunderclap were simultaneous with Mew leaping away to hide and the power failure.

 I had just bought a flashlight which is a really bright led.  I used it to guide me to the Nook which had just been fully charged.  I read for the better part of three hours until the lights flickered back on.  It is indeed that ill wind which blew some good, for me, at least.

We had turned off the beeping UPCs and the A/C, so everything electronic survived.

We were back to the future as soon as . . .

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rain n katz . . .

We had 6.2 inches of rainfall today.  Thank the Lord for the storm drains that Commissioner Javier Souto was instrumental in having installed.  In the olden days, water would have been over half way up our driveway.  Now, it confines itself to the swale before draining away.

Snax strolled down the hallway, under my eyeballs, this morning.  He rounded a hassock and I heard a small hiss from Miu.  I herded him back to his room, explaining that she was not ready to be friendly yet.  

This was a big improvement over her getting "all haired up" and lashing her tail.  She didn't even bother to stand up.  Progress.

I hope the little ol' Lake City kitty is feeling better. Really hope so.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Miu and improved version . . .

Miu is much better.  She has started playing much more and killed her squeaky-mouse again last night.  Her favorite plaything, right now, is a piece of my kitchen string.  I need to get her another "Da Bird" as she really did kill the last one.  She played it to death.

She and Snax are inured to one another.  He is gaining weight and can really push on your hand to be petted.  Of course, he prefers doing that while you are putting down his food which can scatter everything.  

He likes that, too.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Snake, snake, or the intrepid . . .

We took Miu (note the spelling change of her name)  to the vet on Sunday.  She was sneeze/coughing and Dr. B., our regular vet, was on call.  We also discovered that there is no extra charge for weekend, or even Sunday, visits.  Didn't know.

She is a fighter at the vet and has three red dots on her chart. It was explained to us that one red dot means:  gets mad.

Our vet had his wrist in a cast which he said was because he broke it when he slipped and fell while chasing a python near 67th and Bird Rd.  He showed us pix of the (deceased)  beast on his iPhone.  Long, it was, (18-19 feet) and great of girth.

He let BigEd and me stay while they examined Miu and drew some of her blood.  Not a peep out of her as long as she could see and hear us cheering her on.  No growling, no screaming, no struggles. 

It turned out to be a virus so she didn't get an antibiotic.  We did learn, however, that she should not receive any more shots or vaccinations because she is 12 years old. 

She has recovered without treatment. 

Little hypochondriac . . .

U-Verse, yes-verse

We have had U-verse for over a week, now.  There is a slight learning curve which has flattened out a bit.  I find I am recording more movies that only I want to see.  Comic stuff, perhaps, or British.  Today and last night it was Zoo Keeper and Freaky Friday.  I have discovered The Importance of Being Earnest, with Colin Firth and Judy Dench, but have not had a chance to view it in its entirety, yet.  I love what I have seen of it, though.  If  I can just find The King's Speech . . .

Plus I confess a guilty pleasure:  Big Brother After Dark on Showtime2, which we never received before.  I admit that shows in some of the trailers hyping other Showtime offerings are not for me.

If you liked the All Creatures Great and Small series, The Incredible Dr. Pol, on Nat Geo is for us both.  These are just the few I have found recently.  Watching anything from any set in the house, and with full featured controls on any set, is still a novelty.

Zeta20 told us we would love it . . .

Further adventures in commenting

Firefox doesn't seem to recognize my gmail identity on when I try to comment on Adventures in Lake City.

Believe it or not, I.E. does remember my identity.  This is my only activity on I.E.  I open it for commenting on A in LC.  

My further adventures in computing, I guess.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Never Mind . . .

I went to Blogger address provided by 01 Doc in a previous comment.  I queried Blogger why I could not comment on Sarah's blog.  I said that Blogger could reply to my gmail address.

THEN, I signed in to the Google gmail address found a copy of my query to blogger which had been sent to gmail.  That email contained the url for Adventures in Lake City.

I clicked on the url, was transferred to the actual blog and was able to comment.  Why? I dunno.  The Universe moves in mysterious ways.  So does the Bloggerverse - possibly the Google-verse, too.

I do know that I had better not delete that email, ever . . .