Saturday, September 8, 2012

Snake, snake, or the intrepid . . .

We took Miu (note the spelling change of her name)  to the vet on Sunday.  She was sneeze/coughing and Dr. B., our regular vet, was on call.  We also discovered that there is no extra charge for weekend, or even Sunday, visits.  Didn't know.

She is a fighter at the vet and has three red dots on her chart. It was explained to us that one red dot means:  gets mad.

Our vet had his wrist in a cast which he said was because he broke it when he slipped and fell while chasing a python near 67th and Bird Rd.  He showed us pix of the (deceased)  beast on his iPhone.  Long, it was, (18-19 feet) and great of girth.

He let BigEd and me stay while they examined Miu and drew some of her blood.  Not a peep out of her as long as she could see and hear us cheering her on.  No growling, no screaming, no struggles. 

It turned out to be a virus so she didn't get an antibiotic.  We did learn, however, that she should not receive any more shots or vaccinations because she is 12 years old. 

She has recovered without treatment. 

Little hypochondriac . . .


ol Doc said...

Glad Miu is better. What's the story on the name spelling change?

12 years old? Tiggy-Tiger send regards to the youngster.... She was about a year old when we moved her up here in 1995. She's the only surviver of that kitteh harum.

RANGER said...

Wow, that is 17/18 years years? I think Zeta was 20 or 21 and Sunshine was 18/19. You're right Miu is a baby. BigEd said he had always spelled her name as Miu. I think she likes it batter, too. Heh.