Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rain n katz . . .

We had 6.2 inches of rainfall today.  Thank the Lord for the storm drains that Commissioner Javier Souto was instrumental in having installed.  In the olden days, water would have been over half way up our driveway.  Now, it confines itself to the swale before draining away.

Snax strolled down the hallway, under my eyeballs, this morning.  He rounded a hassock and I heard a small hiss from Miu.  I herded him back to his room, explaining that she was not ready to be friendly yet.  

This was a big improvement over her getting "all haired up" and lashing her tail.  She didn't even bother to stand up.  Progress.

I hope the little ol' Lake City kitty is feeling better. Really hope so.


Natmatmama said...

Well, I don't think she feels bad per say. Her mobility is just impaired. She purrs and kneads when ever she is approached. She is doing alright...for 19+ yrs old.

ol Doc said...

She gets out of the box she has been moved to, since her cage is not manageable now. We return her there at night. She has used the sandbox and eats and drinks water. She just pulls along, instead of prancing. She likes company and will give a silent Meh when you speak with her. She doesn't seem in pain and you can feel her purring when you rub her head.

RANGER said...

I am so pleased for her. She is grateful for the care and attention, don't you think?

Neither Miu nor Snax has a loud purr. Remember how Fearless used to sound like a small, furry truck?