Friday, November 18, 2011

Can't say I never won anything . . .

I received a text from 01 Doc to tell me that I should check out The Coupon Goddess.  Turns out that I won the gift certificate from Costco, plus a meat thermometer, and some cooking tips.  Could it have come at a better time than just before the holidays?

I think not!!!

Thank you. Mel, so much.

Putting down roots?

We decided to wait until after Thanksgiving to go back to the temporary place.  Makes sense because we can then spend time with family.  Plus it will be easier to kindle a fire under the carcass of a bird that didn't get a presidential pardon in my own oven.  

Memo:  Have to buy celery before it's picked over.  Plus onions.  

Ahhh, I thought I had everything, but I don't. One more foray, at least.  

Our local Winn Dixie, (the one in the huge building where the X-tra used to be years ago) is slowly being transformed into a WD Marketplace.  I am using it as a place to explore because they keep moving things around and closing off various areas of the place for construction.  

However, WD being so near to Publix means good managers' specials in both stores as they compete for the grocery budget. 

Need all the help we can get, don't we?

Monday, November 14, 2011

I have bathed in the Kool Aid ...

Didn't just drink the Kool Aid.  I dove in.  

The previous phone was an old Motorola Razr.  Dumb as a box of rocks.  Up in the mountains, up on the top of one?  No signal.  Not even text messages.  Luckily we don't live where there are mountains and so the Motorola motorolled along when we returned home from that mountain.    

Then it began to drop calls.  I mentioned, several times, that I might need a new phone.  There were discussions to that effect behind the Motorola's  back, so to speak.

Then, Apple rolled out its new flavor of Kool Aid and it was tempting.  Even J mentioned that I needed to get a replacement for my old standby.

Three days ago, I made an appointment and came home with the internet in a relatively heavy white box with a silver logo on the end.  The logo told the world that I have caved.  Given in.  Gone over to the smart side.

Two things especially got to me.  There is a built in compass (real, virtual, compass) and there is  an app that reads audiobooks to me.  

I suppose I am happy with it.  However, the old one never sassed me.  I asked the assistant on the new phone if this were going to be a good day.  

"No," she said, "I don't think it will be." 

She was right, too.  It rained this evening.

Friday, November 11, 2011

To trim or not to trim, that is one question . . .

I was still not able to post comments on Adventures in Lake City.  I will keep reading, though.  So nice to know what's going on.

I wish some others would post more often.  Some of us are heading back next week to the outpost in Orange Park.  BigEd will have the con.  

It has stopped raining, turned nicely cool, and humidity is a satisfying low.  I will have to take winter stuff up for our short stay.  It is so bulky to pack.  But I don't own much so at least the decision of what-to-take is easy. 

This is an awkward time for my hair, though.  It is too short to need cutting and too long to go another month unless I hack at the sides, myself.   I have been known to do that with iffy results.  It's hard to get them exactly even without cutting one side a leetle bit to catch up to the other side.  Then it may be too long on the second side 

and . . . I'm in trouble.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Empty noggin, or not in use . . .

It had rained off and on all afternoon.  When I realized we needed buns for the planned dinner hamburgers, it was only sprinkling lightly so I made my run.

The store had halloween candy (I refuse to dignify this day with a capital letter) buy one get one free, so I got that, too.  

Came back and inside in a dry manner.  Half an hour later, the bottom fell out of the sky.  Mew isn't terrified so there is no thunder in the distance beyond human hearing.  

There is now a flood watch for our county.  This means don't drive through any puddles at great speed.  It also means to use common sense about where to drive.  In addition, it assumes that most drivers have a modicum of that kind of sense.

I'm not so sure . . .

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cry for help . . .

I have been trying to comment on Adventures in Lake City. Each time I select a profile to use to comment, the screen blinks back to the select a profile version and my comment disappears from the box.

01 Doc has commented. Why can I not do it? I can comment on 01 Doc's site but not on Adventures.

Any suggestions? Please?

Monday, October 24, 2011

In honor of 01Doc, who posted . . .

We are back at home and it feels like I retired all over again. There are things to do but if I want to procrastinate, that's all right, too.

Zeta has such cute kitties. One of them demanded I change the location of his food dish. It was quite plain what he wanted me to do - he nearly wrote me a letter about it. Needless to say, I pulled at my forelock to indicate respect and moved the feline cuisine - with Zeta's permission, of course.

We recently had a wind-storm move from south to north. It passed us well to the west. We were warned that the system had tornado potential and it did do damage when it reached Broward county.

Mew needed no such warning. When the storm reached its nearest position well to the west of us on its way north, she leaped from her condo. Stomach to the ground, she crept slowly, and with utmost stealth, beneath the dining room table.

Next time she does that, I'll be tempted to join her . . .

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beneficiary . . .

I have to thank 01 Doc for a Force Flex bag of books. I have difficulty hoisting it and there is an aura of birthday plus Christmas that still clings to it. Wearing an Energizer LED headlamp, I can read in the dark and not disturb anyone who snores in the same room. Strangely, our consumption of triple A batteries has increased in direct proportion to my nocturnal reading habits.

It is a de-light-ful (heh) situation.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Various levels of inconvenience . . .

We really should thank the Miami-Dade County Building Code. Being forced to comply with the most stringent safety regulations in the country, when it comes to building, may seem frustrating. But when the storms come, and a tree falls on the house, we may see a difference in the results from the rest of the country. Perhaps. Usually.

It seems strange and wonderful not to lose our power for two weeks with a storm so close. Just before the storm came near, Fla Power and Light had trouble on a main line. I know because I called to report the power outage and asked the cause of it. I was in the dark literally but I knew where a flashlight was supposed to be.

After making the call, I dug out a small battery-operated fan and put in four D cell batteries. If I didn't move a muscle, it helped. I didn't move.

Power came back on after just over an hour.

I feel so badly for those without power who didn't know exactly where the flashlights were and didn't have little fans with batteries for them. Plus, say, ice, water, and food supplies.

The aftermath is a different kind of ordeal than surviving the storm. Lots of people are stranded in our airport due to cancelled flights. Some are taking the train north.

I know this how? Because Amtrak is sold out through next Wednesday . . .

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Maybe this time . . .

Tomorrow is Zeta's M's birthday. We are meeting at Deli Lane for breakfast. We wuv Deli Lane. I still haven't tried their cheese grits because they do regular grits so well that I can't make myself depart from them. Oh, the muffin, too. Last time, M advised us to begin with the (I think it was) Zucchini one. Goood advice.

Maybe someone else will order the cheesy grits and I can cadge a bite. Talk about having your grits and eating 'em, too . . .

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It is still rainng.

Meat loaf is possible without green peppers. It was raining and so I got eggs at the drive thru of Farm Stores instead of a full bore shopping trip at Publix. Extra onions sort of make up for the missing peppers, anyway.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Remember September - no that's not it . . .

I had planned to make a meat loaf today. We had acquired ground chuck and onions. Very nice. Now if we had eggs and green peppers, we would be further along toward accomplishing things.

Tomorrow, I plan another excursion. We will see if I remember to make a list plus take said list along when I go. I think my eye drops are affecting my brain.


Monday, July 18, 2011


We have lost a beloved family member. We cared for her at her home during her illness and have no regrets for dedicating ourselves to the task - difficult as it seemed at times.

Those who have done this sort of thing understand the small, everyday moments which mount up over time to months. One must agree to be there for the long haul.

Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to do this.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Gourmet food . . .

Tomorrow, is Saturday and we are meeting for breakfast at Deli Lane. I may have no dinner tonight just to prepare for it. I had Cheerios last night. They were the whole grain variety and so felt healthy going down. We were out of bananas, though, so I didn't get the full experience.

I need to make a run to the store, huh?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

To err is . . .

This morning, I did not have the hard time accessing this account that I had yesterday. Yesterday after many tries to log in, and being refused, the Jabberwocky started.

Perhaps Google wanted me to prove I was human. I can show a different proof: it was much easier today with the number lock turned on.

Mea DumDum.
I almost could not access my account here - because, why? Blogger has decided, or Google has decided, that I must type in, correctly mind you, slanted and distorted gibberish in a language not recognizably my own. Jabberwocky, maybe.

I did not ask for this feature. I do not want this feature. And there is this which was provided by FIU Technology News and Alerts:

Google Images - A Vector for Malware.

We have identified Google Images as a vector for transmitting malware through infected image files. As such, we’ve seen an increase in malware attacks throughout the university.

The Division of Information Technology recommends that you use an alternate source for images. Other sources are Bing and Yahoo! among others.

I had previously received a notice from my Norton Internet Security that it had protected the laptop from an intrusion attempt after I downloaded some images of Morkies from Google. Oops.

Charley's dog is a Maltese/Yorkie cross and she is adorable. Morkie. I just wanted to see more dogs like her and nearly got more than I bargained for.

Thank you, Norton.
Google, not so much.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mad dogs and Englishmen . . .

At times, one can subject self to surprising conditions, unknowingly. Today, I went to a large box store, huge floor plan, illogical arrangement of items such plastic refrigerator-storage containers residing on a shelf a football-field away from Saran wrap. No logic to it, see?

I went in for one item. I came out with that one item and nothing else. Against all logic, I know.

I believe I found a reason, though. On the way home, I glanced at the car's digital temperature readout and yelled it aloud in the quiet car as I was driving along.

A 102 degree temperature at 3 p.m. explains many anomalies.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cease, no, WAIT . . .

Dog training must be hardwired into my being. The third (temporary) member of our pack has started accepting a tiny treat after hearing Tammy-come and then stepping forward to accept a miniscule morsel.

Her owner (he bought her but he has yet to become her master) had told me she won't accept treats from the hand. He has to scatter a couple around his house so she can get them at her leisure if he offers her any.

I had the three dogs sitting in a semicircle in front of me and only responding to each one's individual name when I called it. Tammie's owner was impressed.

She will now "hush" when pointed to and given the command. She is even beginning to WAIT at the door as the other two dogs do. Tammie's owner is even beginning to remember to say WAIT, himself.

Will wonders never . . .

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life lesson . . . wild style

This morning was a mini-armageddon for wildlife. Something was on the wooden stringer on the outside of the tall, wooden gate and a Mockingbird was dive bombing it so hard the gate would rattle. Whatever it was came down the opposite side of the fence with the screaming bird chivvying it along so hard I could hear the thumps when he hit.

As the action got close to where I was standing with the three dogs on leashes, a desperate squirrel jumped over the top of the fence landing nearly at our feet. He was dumfounded and so were the dogs. Evidently the bird had done some real damage because he had a difficult time climbing the nearby palm and nearly fell off when he had to negotiate the fronds.

Only Mollie, the spaniel, tried to get to him. He was too traumatized to even chitter at her.

Bet he'll leave that bird's nest alone . . .

Thursday, June 2, 2011

In continuation . . .

Perhaps the previous post was an exaggeration of sorts.

Today, I propose a riddle: What does low sodium teriyaki sauce, leftover turkey, leftover stuffing, leftover gravy, niblet corn, tomatoes in onion and green pepper, sauteed onions-celery-mushrooms with mozzarella cheese sprinkled atop amount to?

Ha! Desperation Casserole. I'll let you know if anyone dies as a result of ingestion . . .

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bye All

This is the final post for Ranger.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big day, ahead . . .

Back up here, near my second library, I can visit the Mockingbird that entered via the chimney. He sits on the roof crest and sings when the dogs and I appear. Territory and competition probably enter into his efforts, I admit. When I whistle at him, he tries to mimic. Not quite, baby, not yet. It's not like any birdsong he ever heard.

The dogs received bathing attention from J, yesterday. Now Buttercup resembles a white toy poodle and Mollie absolutely can be identified as a short, stumpy-legged spaniel. Today, being relatively clean, their topical meds will be applied. Yes, by me, while wearing gloves because I don't need any topical meds, personally.

That I know of, anyway.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Peat and repeat . . .

It can get too early for wait staff, too. This morning at 7:30, BigEd and I were in Dennys. The waitress, order pad in hand, came over and asked if we would like something to drink before we ordered. Coffee and diet coke were our answers.

Then she looked at her blank pad and asked us if we would like something to drink before we ordered. We stared at her silently, unsure of how to respond.

The penny finally dropped and she tap danced about having just come in.

She needed that cup of coffee more than I did . . .

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blessings . . .

Mother's Day started ahead of time, for me. The postman has delivered cards bearing wishes for the special day plus Starbucks and Barnes & Noble gift cards.

My kids really know what makes me grin.

Happy Mother's Day to every woman who has borne the lifetime of responsibility for another little human being. Way to go.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I may have lured that Mockingbird too far down the chimney. Outdoors, I like to try to get Mockingbirds to whistle the two-tone call that our mother used to use to summon us: whee-whoo, whee-whoo. It is so cute when they try to repeat it and especially when they get it right and incorporate it into their repertoire.

The bird in question still sits on top of the chimney and sings. We hear him clearly. I used to sit near the fireplace and tried to teach him to whistle the call. He may have tried to reach that rival bird and fallen down to the point where flying back became impossible.

I promise that I will only whistle at Mockingbirds outdoors, from now on. Fool me once . . .

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Up, up, up, really . . .

This morning we woke to bird song from the fireplace in the living room. This was shortly before full daylight. The song was so varied and beautiful that it had to be a Mockingbird. It was just too pitiful, his singing desperately in the dark.

Somehow, by himself, that brave bird climbed the chain curtain of the fire guard and fluttered over the top of the glass fire doors. He was loose in the living room and terrified of the interested dogs. He fluttered like a moth against the cathedral ceiling until finally he came to rest, clinging to the brick of the fireplace.

We put the dogs (downer!) in the garage, opened the exterior doors and flapped towels to direct him toward the opening. He got the idea almost at once and swooped through the storm doorway and onto the front screened porch. A little test flight or two against the screens and he found the opening to the outside, then up, up, up.

That bird was a genius. He deserves to reproduce.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pound or Lb.?

The best laid plans . . . one should know better, should not one? This one moved a chuck roast from freezer to refrigerator and when it thawed, cooked it in the crock pot yesterday.

We will eat it today, instead. Yesterday was tax relief day and Mickie D had a second Big Mac for a penny.

In for a penny, in for a pound - takes on a whole new meaning doesn't it?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Regrouping . . .

Yesterday, o1 Doc, T, Bro, and I met in the Lake City Cracker Barrel for lunch. We missed Mouse who has been working so hard she was unable to come. It was fun talking of old times and catching up on current news. We went back to 01 Doc's and T's home afterward and waved at young bicyclers (they were so adorable) while watching squirrels and hummingbirds. It is so peaceful there.

Sarah is under the weather and we were not able to see her and her family. We hope she is better, today. There is something really nasty being passed around, right now. A friend of J's mother had it for two weeks and is still suffering from the accompanying cough. We hope Sarah's is more benign, departs quickly, and doesn't affect anyone else.

The only thing wrong with spending the day as we did was that the time seemed to fly. We three sibs just don't see each other often enough . . .

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fetch, electronically . . .

Last Sunday, I went out to Publix to get the tiny local paper. It was the highlight of my day.

As I am currently the sole ambulant in residence, it is not possible to leave. So the internet is my consolation prize. Our paper at home has a digital edition which is accessible at no cost if we pay for the one that is tossed
on at our front porch.

Guess I'll go read the funnies, anyway.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Closer MOON

The close, full moon. The earthquake off Japan.

One wonders if there is a connection between the moon reaching perigee tonight and the geo-tidal forces that shifted Japan's coastline 13 feet closer to California. By the way, geo-tidal is a term that I made up. Google it and it does not appear. It just seems so apt.

Looking up at the moon over the roof, last night, was not a scientific study. But, it does seem larger.

It gives one the urge to howl at it . . .

Friday, March 18, 2011

Can I borrow a cup of books?

I have now attained dual citizenship - well, actually dual library membership.

I had to return my Nook Color to Barnes and Noble because it began to turn pages when I did not ask it to. Plus, the bottom blue menu would sometimes flicker instead of remaining static until I made a selection.

Worst of all, it began to require re-activation every time I tried to side-load books from the public library, through Adobe Digital Editions. Six activations are the limit until Adobe resets your account. This is not automatic. You have to ask them every time. Learning curve was steep, I c'n tell you.

Actually, that wasn't the worst. Barnes and Noble's records showed that my guarantee was in question. Well, we got that straightened out, finally. I really can not tell you how many hours I have spent on the telephone with tech support.

They extended the warranty for two more months, for my trouble, they said.

B&N did email a UPS label so I could send it back and I can track it but it is being send via ground. Must be on a truck somewhere between here and California. Better it than me.

The foregoing explains my need for dual membership in the library system. The library where I am now only lets you keep books for two weeks instead of 28 days, as at home. Still, books are renewable on line in both ends of the state.

Is this a wonderful country, or what?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slipping the bonds . . .

This morning, I was out back when I heard a jet moving toward the house full bore. He was right overhead when he started to climb almost straight up. A white puff bloomed briefly behind the plane which I imagine was the afterburner kicking in. Looked like he was reaching for orbit. It was so beautifully free that I got goose bumps.

Back on earth, I finally finished rinsing out the garbage can. Heh.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's a crock . . .

This kitchen, where I am now, has a dishwasher. Before we came up, someone had bought some of those Cascade packets that are premeasured and ready to use. They were stored underneath the sink in the cabinet that houses the garbage disposal which no one uses.

Because there was mostly nuking and reheating done in this kitchen, in recent years, I bought a crockpot, which had looked rather lonely, from a nearby Walmart.

I made a discovery about that Cascade. Those packets are great for cleaning a crockpot that was, ahem, allowed to cook all day without a coating of Pam having been sprayed on the interior.

The stoneware liner with a Cascade packet inside its cruddy self was filled with really hot water. This dissolved the packet with some help from an overactive plastic spoon. I left it overnight but that was overkill. A couple of hours would do the job.

And you know the juice that somehow gets inside the metal shell of the cooker? That stuff that bakes itself on even if the crockpot is unplugged? A corner of a paper towel dipped in the solution will, kid you not, rub that burned-on juice right off. (Wear gloves!) Finally, rinse off the
cleaned area with a damp paper towel.

No elbow grease required . . . just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why bother?

"Wait!" I say. Two furry tails hit the rug and two impatient canines conquer their eagerness to bolt through the door. This works at the back door. Front door manners coming soon, to two dogs near me.

Bark, yap, wiggle, whine. Jump up. Bother people to the utmost. They are not my dogs. I keep reminding myself of this fact but somehow they need a bit of structure and routine.

Manners, manners . . .

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New, improved . . .

We have a washing machine which is fairly new. It is a M--tag. We have had such good luck with that brand in the past. But the makers evidently have improved the product.

It was so improved that it began to add additional water after the final spin. It also began to try to beat the clothing to pieces before adding any water at all, on some cycles. This began to happen after, wait for it: the guarantee had expired.

Luckily, we had defied conventional wisdom and taken out an extended warranty. The poor thing needed a brain transplant. It had become like Data's positronic brother, Lore: evil. (Gratuitous Star Trek TNG reference.)

Now it is behaving itself. But, I don't trust it any more.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today, J and I are in Orange Park: Helping

Today, Zeta, Mark, and Steve the guru, were at our house:

BigEd is helping the helpers to help him, as he can.

For all the help given we thank you so much. We love you all for your very own selves, and not just because you are such kind and generous HELPERS!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The battery tale . . .

When the temperature outside was cruising around 25° in the northern portion of the state, the silver Camry's battery gave up the fight for existence. With Tripple A's help, I took it to Mr. Roebuck's partner and bought a new one. The facility where I waited, while it was being installed, was not heated. Not.

Everyone in there was complaining about waiting in a deep freezer. With all that hot air, one would think it would warm up the place. Again, not.

Yesterday, in warmer parts, the gold Camry's battery died, the copycat. Again Mr Roebuck's partner was consulted. The words pro rata were spoken. The replacement battery turned out to be less than half the quoted price.

Honor thy guarantee. Not a commandment - just a suggestion. Heh . . .

Friday, January 28, 2011

Just a litte question . . .

I telephoned the insurance company to ask if hurricane shutters are covered for theft under our policy. Turns out they are. It would be just our luck that the shutters are the only thing left standing in case of a repeat of an Andrew type storm.

Too strange to happen? During Andrew, our garden shed was lifted off its foundation, laid on its side against the corner of the fence and peeled open like a grape. The contents were not removed and were left in situ by a caprice of the wind. But large Seagrapes next to the shed were twisted off at the base like a wrung washcloth. Plus, the fence was undamaged.

A repeat of that experience would not be fair, anyway. No one should have to undergo that experience twice in a lifetime. Not if I were running things.

But, I'm not . . .

Monday, January 24, 2011

The sky better not fall . . .

We are in roof replacement mode. This is much more painful than contracting new car fever. It's not exactly something one can point to as innovative. Or is it?

Perhaps a new material? Top sheet? It gets hot-mopped, either way.

We are in pre-hurricane season and hoping rains will hold off - plus no freezes, either. Our young mango tree has about decided to move further south for the winter.

Me, too. And I have about as much chance of going south as that as that little tree does . . .

Thursday, January 13, 2011

RV on balance . . .

Our nearby CVS seems to have suffered a sea-change during my absence. New faces staff the pharmacy. One recent afternoon, I took a prescription in and asked if I might wait for it to be filled. She told me it would be just a few minutes. It actually was just a few.

Yesterday evening (bad timing because the evening crowd was ahead of me in a long line) I went to pick up a couple of refills that had been called in. Also, an additional order was to be dropped off and kept on file until needed. Sounds simple, no?

The woman behind the counter gave me our refills and then said I should take the new order to the drop-off window.

"You won't take this?" I asked, holding the prescription out to her.

"They prefer them at the drop-off window." She answered and left it dangling from my fingers.

Fuming, I asked BigEd to make the drop off and went to Publix to shop.

So far, there have been offsetting, good and not-so-good, experiences at the CVS pharmacy counter. The balance is about even.

One would think that the balance arm of a customer service scale would be tilted in favor of the customer. Would not one?

This morning, BigEd's car was left at RV Auto to have brakes done. Roly just telephoned to say that it does not need front brakes, only rear ones, and it should be finished before 10 a.m. He will call me when it is ready.

See, CVS? That's how it's done!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Check out has a new meaning . . .

I have to tell you about my newest favorite device. Since I am commuting between the southern and mid-northern ends of the state, my visits to the library are curtailed. I can not, in good conscience, check out and take library books with me as I travel. Too cumbersome, in any case.

I have a Nook Color, as I may have mentioned once or five times. Electronic books from the library travel well and expire rather than having to be returned.

I received a gift card to Barnes and Noble for Christmas. Happy doesn't begin to describe my reading condition, right now. I have discovered Lisa Scottoline's books and am in the process of soldiering through the list - gratis through the library.

I recently told 01 Doc that I had finally been able to side-load library books from the laptop to the Nook without calling for tech support. It isn't complicated, just scary having to delete a couple of files that sound important. Those files get re-created every time you download, so it isn't as drastic as it seemed that first time.

And, you want to hear another plus? The operating system on the Nook Color upgraded itself and I didn't even know it had.

The little dickens . . .

Saturday, January 8, 2011

News from the front . . .

Home for a bit. This has been an extraordinary last quarter of 2010/first month of 2011. We celebrated Christmas in our hearts but without much outward display.

New Years Eve was not observed by our staying up to see the new year in. We probably went to bed by 9 p.m. On New Years day, Zeta and Mark along with Steve-the-computer-guru plus his wife, Elissa, came to see their Grand/Great-Grandmom. They were a breath of fresh air straight to the heart instead of the lungs.

The following day, Zeta and Mark came back to see us before embarking on the long trip back home. This was especially good of them because they both had to be at work the next day - no matter how tiring the trip would prove to be.

I am back at the homestead to get the eyes treated and to see BigEd through his operation. If J's mother did not have such a devoted friend in Mrs. Whittaker, it would have been impossible, almost, to come home. She takes care of the personal attendance that was my job. Helen comes over to do the PT that I was doing, also. Between the two of them plus J who is feeding, responding to requests for assistance, and pushing fluids, I feel relieved about the care J's mom is getting.

We find out on Monday what the details will be for BigEd's coming surgery. Until he is back on his feet, the Orange Park contingent will have to soldier on without my presence.

I wish I were twins . . .