Sunday, February 27, 2011

New, improved . . .

We have a washing machine which is fairly new. It is a M--tag. We have had such good luck with that brand in the past. But the makers evidently have improved the product.

It was so improved that it began to add additional water after the final spin. It also began to try to beat the clothing to pieces before adding any water at all, on some cycles. This began to happen after, wait for it: the guarantee had expired.

Luckily, we had defied conventional wisdom and taken out an extended warranty. The poor thing needed a brain transplant. It had become like Data's positronic brother, Lore: evil. (Gratuitous Star Trek TNG reference.)

Now it is behaving itself. But, I don't trust it any more.


ol Doc said...

Sounds like another good reason to always take out that extended warranty and then to never tell the machines what you've done. They break down on the first date and then you can say, Gotcha! Also, when replacing an oldie with a newbie, never leave them in the same room. They talk to each other. I'm sure of it!

Big Ed said...

This thing has so many gimmicks that it doesn't quite run right. I don't think we can use all the bells and whistles cause of its attitude toward the last cycle. The jury is still out on it, yet.