Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today, J and I are in Orange Park: Helping

Today, Zeta, Mark, and Steve the guru, were at our house:

BigEd is helping the helpers to help him, as he can.

For all the help given we thank you so much. We love you all for your very own selves, and not just because you are such kind and generous HELPERS!


Big Ed said...

Big Ed appreciates the help that put together his room. I owe others candy, glad they enjoyed the pizza.

RANGER said...

They deserve a candy factory!!!!

ol Doc said...

Did Mew help, too? She needs a "Ballemtime" gift too. Thankfully, for cats, a scratch behind the ears will do. I'd like to see Big Ed try that with your other HELPERS!

Hiss, claw, "Pizza!"

Zeta said...

Mew was supervising from the living room window. The room looks great! This was a family team effort. I have a few pictures of the desk being pieced together. I’m in class sooooo Ill have to pull out my iphone at home to post the pictures :/)

RANGER said...

Can't wait for pix. I feel so out of the loop.

Big Ed said...

For such a simple desk to put together they sure gave difficult instructions. Mew is glad for the help too. After all, she benefits from it too. I hope you all enjoyed the candy.