Friday, March 18, 2011

Can I borrow a cup of books?

I have now attained dual citizenship - well, actually dual library membership.

I had to return my Nook Color to Barnes and Noble because it began to turn pages when I did not ask it to. Plus, the bottom blue menu would sometimes flicker instead of remaining static until I made a selection.

Worst of all, it began to require re-activation every time I tried to side-load books from the public library, through Adobe Digital Editions. Six activations are the limit until Adobe resets your account. This is not automatic. You have to ask them every time. Learning curve was steep, I c'n tell you.

Actually, that wasn't the worst. Barnes and Noble's records showed that my guarantee was in question. Well, we got that straightened out, finally. I really can not tell you how many hours I have spent on the telephone with tech support.

They extended the warranty for two more months, for my trouble, they said.

B&N did email a UPS label so I could send it back and I can track it but it is being send via ground. Must be on a truck somewhere between here and California. Better it than me.

The foregoing explains my need for dual membership in the library system. The library where I am now only lets you keep books for two weeks instead of 28 days, as at home. Still, books are renewable on line in both ends of the state.

Is this a wonderful country, or what?


Big Ed said...

I hope you are not having any more problems with your Nook since I knew about them. This seems to be more problems with the Nook than you had before when you first started with problems.

Zeta said...

I'm sorry for your trouble. You seemed so happy with your Nook while traveling.

RANGER said...

A replacement arrives Tuesday. yaaaay.

ol Doc said...

If Book = Nook.
Does Nookless = bookless?

Big Ed said...

A friend went out and bought a Nook. We shall see if he has any problems with it. Another friend bought one but put it down cause he likes books better.