Friday, November 11, 2011

To trim or not to trim, that is one question . . .

I was still not able to post comments on Adventures in Lake City.  I will keep reading, though.  So nice to know what's going on.

I wish some others would post more often.  Some of us are heading back next week to the outpost in Orange Park.  BigEd will have the con.  

It has stopped raining, turned nicely cool, and humidity is a satisfying low.  I will have to take winter stuff up for our short stay.  It is so bulky to pack.  But I don't own much so at least the decision of what-to-take is easy. 

This is an awkward time for my hair, though.  It is too short to need cutting and too long to go another month unless I hack at the sides, myself.   I have been known to do that with iffy results.  It's hard to get them exactly even without cutting one side a leetle bit to catch up to the other side.  Then it may be too long on the second side 

and . . . I'm in trouble.

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