Monday, November 14, 2011

I have bathed in the Kool Aid ...

Didn't just drink the Kool Aid.  I dove in.  

The previous phone was an old Motorola Razr.  Dumb as a box of rocks.  Up in the mountains, up on the top of one?  No signal.  Not even text messages.  Luckily we don't live where there are mountains and so the Motorola motorolled along when we returned home from that mountain.    

Then it began to drop calls.  I mentioned, several times, that I might need a new phone.  There were discussions to that effect behind the Motorola's  back, so to speak.

Then, Apple rolled out its new flavor of Kool Aid and it was tempting.  Even J mentioned that I needed to get a replacement for my old standby.

Three days ago, I made an appointment and came home with the internet in a relatively heavy white box with a silver logo on the end.  The logo told the world that I have caved.  Given in.  Gone over to the smart side.

Two things especially got to me.  There is a built in compass (real, virtual, compass) and there is  an app that reads audiobooks to me.  

I suppose I am happy with it.  However, the old one never sassed me.  I asked the assistant on the new phone if this were going to be a good day.  

"No," she said, "I don't think it will be." 

She was right, too.  It rained this evening.


ol Doc said...

Well, the phone assistant was thinking weather and not new purchase. Anybody gots a phone that can behave in a smart manner instead of like a rock - they get my vote! Does it play Angry Birds?

RANGER said...

Probably does but I'm still exploring. I haven't signed in to games, yet. This is my second attempt to comment. Blogger evidently swallowed the first one.