Thursday, January 13, 2011

RV on balance . . .

Our nearby CVS seems to have suffered a sea-change during my absence. New faces staff the pharmacy. One recent afternoon, I took a prescription in and asked if I might wait for it to be filled. She told me it would be just a few minutes. It actually was just a few.

Yesterday evening (bad timing because the evening crowd was ahead of me in a long line) I went to pick up a couple of refills that had been called in. Also, an additional order was to be dropped off and kept on file until needed. Sounds simple, no?

The woman behind the counter gave me our refills and then said I should take the new order to the drop-off window.

"You won't take this?" I asked, holding the prescription out to her.

"They prefer them at the drop-off window." She answered and left it dangling from my fingers.

Fuming, I asked BigEd to make the drop off and went to Publix to shop.

So far, there have been offsetting, good and not-so-good, experiences at the CVS pharmacy counter. The balance is about even.

One would think that the balance arm of a customer service scale would be tilted in favor of the customer. Would not one?

This morning, BigEd's car was left at RV Auto to have brakes done. Roly just telephoned to say that it does not need front brakes, only rear ones, and it should be finished before 10 a.m. He will call me when it is ready.

See, CVS? That's how it's done!


ol Doc said...

I can see the 'scrip dangling from your fingers... I can see the same 'scrip dangling from Miss Rude's lefgt nostril - rolled tightly of course. The Coupon Goddess lady would have a thing or three to say about sales people who don't get the concept of point of sale politeness. Sarah had a discussion with Walgreens about filling a NEW 'scrip for Nath. The said the OLD 'scrip wasn't due for refills and the computer wouldn't let them fill a brand new one the doctor had just written. She told them return it and went to Publix. They filled it. How can a computer dictate when your child gets his burn cream! If you're out - you're out and shouldn't need to wait until next week! Especilly working with a new 'scrip! Aaargh, Matey!

Sarah said...

Walgreens told me I had to wait 12 days to pick up a new prescription for Nathan's burn cream. I told her that he was 11 and had 2nd degree burns, and that I wasn't refilling a prescription, it was a new one all ogether. SHe then told me that I could pay out of pocket for it. I asked her how much and she said 70-80 dollars! By his time I was livid and already had the dr's office on the phone. I told the girl she had better give me back the script. She did. THe dr's office told me that I should go to Publix and have them fill it. THey also told me that what I had just been through it the exact reason they don't recommend Walgreens to the patients. Publix was happy to fill it. Nathan was happy to have his cream! Walgreens is not going to see me again. Publix now has my business.