Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big day, ahead . . .

Back up here, near my second library, I can visit the Mockingbird that entered via the chimney. He sits on the roof crest and sings when the dogs and I appear. Territory and competition probably enter into his efforts, I admit. When I whistle at him, he tries to mimic. Not quite, baby, not yet. It's not like any birdsong he ever heard.

The dogs received bathing attention from J, yesterday. Now Buttercup resembles a white toy poodle and Mollie absolutely can be identified as a short, stumpy-legged spaniel. Today, being relatively clean, their topical meds will be applied. Yes, by me, while wearing gloves because I don't need any topical meds, personally.

That I know of, anyway.

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Zeta said...

This sounds so much better than my eight hours behind four walls in my office.