Monday, October 15, 2012

Warm is better . . .

We are now the recipients of a second, new hot water heater.  This one works without blowing thermostats or getting so hot that one could almost make tea with water from the tap.  

It was not difficult, we just had to be persistent and annoying in asserting out claims.  

Now, warm showers are the norm again.  It is amazing how we take such things for granted until they go missing from everyday life.  



ol Doc said...

Ah, just so! We need warm water to bathe but hot enough to make tea should never pour unexpectedly from the shower head or bathroom taps. It's almost as insulting as (flush---aiyee!)the other extreme.

RANGER said...

We now have low water-use wc's. One has to be careful that the strength of the outflow doesn't pull one along. Heh.