Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Once in an Ibis moon ...

I have dived into real life and have ignored virtual life as it is lived here.  If I can figure out how to upload the pictures from the iPhone, I might even post some.  

There was a flock of white Ibis in our side yard as BigEd and I drove up.  I handed him the camera phone and rolled down his window.  They ignored us and kept bobbing for food in the dry grass.  Air brakes sounded from a couple of blocks away causing the whole flock to leap 6 inches in the air simultaneously.  It was funny but, of course, too quick to capture (I started to write "on film" which will indicate my age . . .) unless by happy accident.

We watched them a bit and then slowly opened the car doors and eased out.  They kept bobbing.  When we went inside, they were still at it and had moved closer to the empty car.

Having them ignore trust us feels like a kind of blessing. 

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ol Doc said...

In that instant from shhhsh to leap, you can see the decision making process...Danger - Fly away - No predators - Food...Settle back...Eat! FASCINATING.