Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I shutter to think . . .

We put up the shutters for Isaac.  The sharp edges of them must have scared him away.  Rather than cut his windy fingers on them, he veered to the West and decided we could keep our electric power, after all.

He is a different critter in the Gulf.   I thank the Lord that we were spared. 

There is a side effect to having the windows covered.  From inside the house, it always seems as if it is just about to rain.   Our poor Miu runs and sticks her head and shoulders under the drapes at the long front window to look for lizards and such.  She soon comes back out clearly puzzled as to where the rest of the world has gone.

We have been keeping Miu and Snax apart because Miu is a senior citizen, only cat, and has to indicate whether she will accept Snax.  Today they drank a little tuna water from bowls about four feet apart.  Snax kept his head in his bowl while Miu kept bobbing up to look at him and then back to having some more goodness.  She finished first and walked into the bedroom that is hers and BigEd's.  Snax turned and went back into his own room (smart boy) and I closed his door. 

I am not sure what this portends.  Perhaps Snax wields more patience.  He is a relly sweet cat.  We took him to be spayed (we thought he was a girl) and found out he had already been neutered.  He got his shots and a checkup.  He had been living in our yard under the bushes or under the cars.  He was getting thinner and thinner.  We finally decided that if we did not feed him, he might just lie down one day and not get up.  Someone abandoned a really sweet cat who is pathetically grateful to interact with humans.  Miu better loosen up.

 It's going to be a long summer.

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