Friday, August 31, 2012

Cry for Blogger help!!!

I am out of options when trying to comment on Adventures in Lake City.  I have tried asking Blogger for help but can only get instructions for logging  in to comments on blogs that work as usual.

Funny that o1 Doc can  comment and I can't.  As soon as I click on "publish," the info I have typed into the comment window  disappears, no matter which ID I have selected.  I tried "anonymous" just now and can't comment.

Does anyone know how to ask blogger an individual question?  To a real live person?  I haven't been able to.


Natmatmama said...

I am sorry it is so aggravating for you. :( I tried to take off all security measures to make it easier, and it worked for mom. I will look again and see if there is something else I can do that might allow you to comment.

ol Doc said...!forum/blogger

I found a forum to post a question and (hopefully) get an answer. If you have posted before - I think you can use the menu to access those groups, if you don't want to use Google.

RANGER said...

Thank you, thank you. Results posted above.