Friday, September 6, 2013

Me neither . . .

We went to a wedding reception recently.  The wedding was in Minnesota.  Because the groom has so many friends and family here, there were two receptions, one up there following the wedding and the one we attended.

It was held in a country club some distance south of us.  Our driving directions said to take the turnpike south to Exit One.  That's how far south.  Past the shopping outlet in Homestead.  That's how far.  Pretty far.

But worth it.  We had a lovely steak dinner, open bar and countless hors d'oeuvres before the main course.  The bride and groom could have stepped down from the top of a wedding cake, themselves.  They are both gorgeous people, graceful and adept at anything they attempt.  We have been hearing the saga of their long distance romance for a couple of years, at least.  They are living proof that distance is not necessarily fatal to romance.

BigEd was invited but was called in to work. Zeta and M were at our was a lovely family time.

Can you do Gangnem style?  Me neither. YMCA? Me neither. Line Dancing?  Me neither.  In fact, I sat on my neither which was planted in my chair.  My neither is officially too old to dance anymore.

Was the music audible in the parking lot?  Eh, can't hear you.

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ol Doc said...

Sounds lovely. And what a neat pun on the nether section as to the neither . . . Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?