Thursday, December 23, 2010

There are very few things this Christmas that follow our usual customs for the celebration of Jesus birth. We are in a different place with a different aim in view.

There are things outside that are brown and leafless, but not dead. There are brown crispy things that blew off the brown not-dead things. These crispy things are all over the neighborhood, making a mess.

I am so confused by the weather. At home, 57 degrees is miserable. Here it is a winter heat wave.

Jacket? Sweater? Coat? All of the foregoing? What to wear? Will ice crystals climb into little, jagged mountain ranges on the roof of the Camry? Will ice sheets clatter and break under the wipers?

What is wrong with the weather at this end of the state?

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ol Doc said...

The weather is a repeat of last year. Cold, Colder, Coldest! And we're not done yet. 28 on our front porch on Thursday. Wear a sweater and carry a coat in the car. Plus sox over your stockings. And gloves. Ice will break under your wipers if you warm the interior of the car by running the heater a few minutes. Of course, you may have to watch for people checking for unattended running cars. Here in the country, not so much, but city folk may need to keep an eye out for potential car thieves. Also, do not use the washer on an iced windshield. It won't clear the frosty stuff. It will lay down a layer of new ice in a sheet that looks like the glass windows in a 200 year old house. Wavy. Hard to see through. Not the ideal condition for driving. Oh, but it has been a swell winter for those Maple looking trees. Their leaves are such a glory that it's almost as good as looking at Christmas lights; looking at leaves turned colorful shades.