Monday, August 4, 2014

Catastrophe of a feline kind

Snax has just about taken over the top level of the cat condo.  Big as he is, legs and things stick out over the side.  Yesterday evening, he was stretched out,  down on the living room rug, when Miu traveled from the couch to the top condo level.  She curled up and slept.  

Snax came over to see what was what and J stopped him with an outheld hand.  Snax left angrily with his tail jerking over his back in feline rage.  He sulked for a while and I guess he thought we had forgot about him.  He came in fast and crouched down to leap up on top of Miu.  I got my hand in front of his face and he ran to the hall as if to put himself to bed.  

I gave him the bed command, which is "Time to Go" and he went the rest of the way to bed.  

CAT- tastrophe averted . . .

Today, he acts as though he remembers nothing.  Conveniently.

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ol Doc said...

I love that your kitty is so well trained! Ours used to just climb a Pecan tree and then wail for one of us to drive a van over to the tree and erect a ladder atop the van so a human could climb the ladder and extend a hand towards the... uh- that meant WE were trained., urm.... never mind!