Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cold Murder . . .

If you like Tony Hillerman's mystery/police procedurals about the Navajo Tribal Police, I have a suggestion for you. (Hi, o1 Doc)

Stan Jones writes in the same genre about the Inupiat (Eskimo) people of Northern Alaska. The first in the series is White Sky, Black Ice. To the people of the far north, black ice on a body of water is the kind that you can fall through. The kind that kills you.

The main character is Nathan Active who is a full blooded Inupiat and also is an Alaska State Trooper stationed near Chukchi. He was raised by step-parents in Anchorage and his birth mother is in Chukchi. Chukchi is the far-backside of the beyond.

Jones and Trooper Active have a new aficionado, here.


ol Doc said...

Thanks for the tip. Amazon, here I come.... (already pre-ordered the Steig Larrsen #3, Girl Who Kicked Hornet's Nest - should be in my hands shortly after date it's printed. And less than the purchase price...about 11.00)

RANGER said...

You are welcome. I love your personal recommendations for good reads, too. Good Ole Amazon comes through again. You will get your book as soon as they can send it, I know.

Our toaster recently bit the dust after years of faithful toasting. We ordered another one through Amazon, yesterday.

The old toaster was great and lasted for years. I checked the reviews on the newer models to be certain about buying another one of the same kind. It is evidently a POJ, now. So, we went with one that had better reviews and was, TA-DA, less expensive. As I may have said: Good Ole Amazon.

ol Doc said...

ALMOST as good as Consumer's Union, huh?

I ordered the book yesterday. Looking so forward to getting it and there are 3 others when that's read and enjoyed. Reading The Time Traveler's Wife right now and surprisingly am enjoying it as much as The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything by John D - an oldie-goldie that's one of my faves!