Friday, May 10, 2013

Depends on the Viewpoint . . .

We rose at six this morning, BigEd and I.  He had a 9:15 appointment for a checkup and I went along.  We wanted to be there early so as to sign in first thing.  We signed in at 8 something and they called us in at 9:15.  I really can't figure out if it was worth it to get up so early, or not.

When the doc came in, he took one look at my face and almost shouted, "What happened?"

This was the first time I had used concealer and makeup over the remainder of the shiner and cheek.  I thought I had done a fair job.  Guess I will just stick to wearing sunglasses.

After I explained what had happened, he apologized for making me embarrassed.  It doesn't bother me at all, I told him.  I can't see it.  It is other people who are bothered. 


ol Doc said...

I'm sure you did a wonderful cammoflage job. I certainly couldn't see your shiner!

Imagine having a doctor shout! I thought they maintained a calm reserve on dealing with patients and family. I guess NOT! Well, he will never qualify for the Nobel Prize for peace.

RANGER said...

I hope is was solicitude and not startle-ment. He is a cardiologist.