Thursday, May 9, 2013

Whereshego? Whereshego?

We are going to a barbeque at Zeta's and M's.  Mothers' Day is on Sat and Sun, this week.  Something like having a birthday last a week of celebrations.  

Yesterday, Snax and Miu were investigating an empty box that was tiped onto its side.  She sniffed, rubbed and moseyed away.  He came flying around the box to pounce on her and she was gone. Foolish cat decided she could be lurking anywhere and took off to the hallway only to encounter her.  He skidded to a stop, edged around her and hightailed it for his room.  It was indeed comical but it told me something sad.  

He will never be a hunter . . . 


ol Doc said...

That is a funny word picture. And sad, to not be a hunter. Oh, well - some of us need to be the peace-makers. I was never a hunter, either. Uncle Wag took Ron. Uncle Bob offered to take you. I never got an offer to go to the woods. I wouldn't have taken a gun, anyway. I would haved take a camera. Maybe that's why I never got an offer. Did the Kitteh have a camera tucked away somewhere?

RANGER said...

I think the most I can hope for from him is a cat scan of the room.