Friday, July 19, 2013

Window? What window?

We have suffered rains.  To illustrate, we have been so overcast and rainy that our high temperature on Wednesday was 78 degrees.  The rest of the country ran high nineties to triple digits.  Taking into consideration that our state has the southernmost city in the country, things have been upside down on the weather map.

This week, we had to put hurricane shutters on a west-side window because a ball hit it, shattering one section of the glass. We have no idea who did it but we did find the culprit ball.  A couple of days later,  J removed a matching glass slat to use as a template.  Then BigEd and I took it to a "Glass Doctor" for replacement glass. 

We had to wait at the glass place because the cutter was working on a mirror which he had just begun to cut.  While this was happening, the rains began again in earnest.  Of course the umbrellas were in the car.  One would think that such experienced southerners would have brought them inside along with the glass template.  One would be wrong.  

As usual, the weather almost cleared after twenty minutes.  This is a feint of the weather, down here, to lure the unwary outside without a wetsuit.  We were not fooled.  I scampered out to get the missing rain gear.  By the time our glass was cut, wrapped with something that looked like Saran Wrap, and paid for, the rains were back.  The area where the glass shop is located is often on the news due to local flooding.  The proprietor told us that the drain in the back parking lot, where their trucks park and where deliveries come in, is slow.  So they flood back there.  We were in the front lot and left without encountering much standing water.  Our water was active with windshield wipers to match .

The glass fit exactly.  But the shutter is still up.  One never knows . . .

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ol Doc said...

Oooooh. People should teach their children to 'fess up when a ball breaks a window. I'll bet they scattered and hid. Well, maybe shame would help. Paint that ball bright orange, put a chain on it and stick it in a wooden box on the wall outside, by the window. Small placard attached could read, In case of emergency, break glass. We know this ball works because it broke glass previously. Maybe a large enough placard that the neighbors could read the thing.