Friday, July 19, 2013

Electronic Euphoria

Back during the June Fathers' Day celebrations, I mentioned that Barnes and Noble had sent me an email to say they had put the various Nooks on sale at drastically cut prices.  They were even lower than I had paid for my beloved Nook Color when it was new.  I promptly forgot the conversation.  I had, months previously, mentioned that my battery in the reader was holding less and less charge and I was going to have to do something about it.  As usual, until it became an annoyance instead of a problem, I procrastinated.

For my birthday, I received a brand new Nook HD Plus.  Oh.  My.  Word.  I am so happy with it and for good reason.  J mentioned what a good picture it has.  Yes, HD will do that.

One of he best parts of the whole experience is that there is no more hooking  up of cables to download e-library books.  There is an app for that, too.  Overdrive Media Console is its name and it comes in flavors for the iPhone, Nook, Android, and who knows what else.  It is free and worth every penny!

I belong to our local library (of course) and it has a large e-book collection.  With Overdrive, all I had to do was to find/select our library and make it a favorite.  Overdrive opens the library web site right at the media I want.  One can then select E-Pub or Audio books.  The Nook HD screen is the size and shape of a page in a book.  I have a cover for it that folds back comfortably.  With portrait mode selected, I can read in bed using the "night" color which is white on black.  Less light is emitted causing other sleepers not to wince at the light level in the room.

Thank you to Zeta20, MagicCityKid, Ub2ta11, S, & Piccpiper who pooled resources to make me the happiest camper in our city.   Or county.  Or state.  

And to J for the cover.   


ol Doc said...

It's lovely to have family who listens to the wishes of your heart and then go out and make things happen. Bravo/Brava loved ones. Y'all did good for the birthday.

RANGER said...

I was told that when I opened the box, I lighted up. I'll just bet. Between books on my phone and the big Nook, I have full libraries at hand always. I really <3 that Overdrive app.

ol Doc said...