Thursday, January 9, 2014

A little turning may be a good thing . . .

I decided to only watch the feline interaction this morning.  I determined to bite my tongue and fold my lips together.  Hard.  No yelling "time out" to break things up.

Miu was the instigator.  She stared, rolled on the floor, said "ahgmmm?" with her own mouth closed.  She reached for Snax as he strode by.  (he has really long legs so he doesn't trudge)  She tried his patience.  

This morning, this very morning, when she did all of the above, he crouched, wiggled his haunches to dig for traction, and jumped on her shoulder with stiff front legs.  No claws out and especially no biting. It was like a preemptive strike with blanks.

She was so indignant that it was funny.  He ran away as though he was afraid but came striding right back.  They ignored each other.

If you tease it enough, even the Snax will turn.  We don't leave the house with both of them at large.  They're still in the process of working it out.

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