Friday, January 10, 2014

Breakfast, anyone?

We are supposed to have breakfast at Deli Lane tomorrow morning with Anne & Mark.  Kimmie will be there but not BigEd.  He has to work inventory overnight and will be free in the late morning, probably.

DL has the best cheese grits.  I asked what kind of cheese and was told "Cheddar" but not the proportion of cheese to raw grits and water. 

Every time we go, I consider the whole menu and then order scrambled with toast, grits, and coffee.  I will ask if the carrot/zucchini muffins are fresh-made that morning and if they are, will substitute one for toast.  They are sublime if fresh-made.  I don't know what happens to them if they sit for a while, but something does.

 Monday is BigEd's birthday.  He and Veronica share the  same day.  He will be working then so we will delay the celebration until the 18th when he should be available.  

Be good to be available for your own birthday celebration.  Been reading a Spenser novel.  Can you tell?

O1 Doc recommended "Spider Woman's Daughter" by Anne Hillerman.  Hillerman?  Tony's daughter? yes!  I hope she doesn't consider this book a stand-alone.  I don't see how she can considering that Lt. Joe Leaphorn has yet to recover from being shot.

Another recommendation is"Things Left Unspoken" by Eva Marie Everson.  I have it on reserve and, even with the monetary cuts, it should be available at my library soon.  I am No. 1 on the list.

Isn't it nice to have things to look forward to?


ol Doc said...

I have discovered where every day you can choose from books that are FREE or Best Sellers or Mysteries or Historical fiction. You find them available on Barnes & Noble or Amazon (I had to download the free Kindle app which was no problem to do. After you find a book you want to read, just click the B&N or Amazon icons and the book downloads to your reader into which ever account you choose. Kindle loads their icon on the application screen but I then copied it into my home screen. If it's a Nook book, it goes to the home screen. I have found some older authors in the 2.99 Sarah Rosett who I think has talent. I read a free book of hers and then downloaded 3 more in the same "On the Run" series for 3.99 each. I am enjoyinf finding little nuggets of pure gold and recommend taking a look at Book Bub.

RANGER said...

Thank you, I will do that!