Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cuga . . .

This little sweetheart is a talking parrot named Cuga (sometimes pronounced lovingly as Cooooga). She belongs to 01 doc's family and I am positive she will outlive me. She used to live just down the street from me before she abandoned me by moving upstate. She had no choice, considering she spends her nights in a comfy cage, and had to leave when the rest of the family did.

The fingers, if you noticed them on the perch, belong to my niece who is Cuga's person. Or one of them. I think that parrots are similar to cats in that you don't own them, they have you. Aside from the niece with the two visible fingers above, I may be the only person who can say that Cuga hasn't nipped at me. I don't see her very often any more. But when I do, she lets me scratch her headfeathers after I talk to her for a while.

When she did live just down the street, she also acted as an announcer. If the family was out in the back doing the pool thing, one way or another, I only had to call Cuga and she would definitely let them know someone was at the door.

Parrots multi-task well . . .


Susan said...

I have scars from this bird.
She definately likes you more than me.

RANGER said...

I don't see her very often which gives her fewer chances at me. But, so far, she has *played nice.*

ol Doc said...

I have scars, too and I'm the one she calls Mama!

She will let me scratch-ee-head and will close her eyes while allowing this humble person minister to her feelings of well-being and parrot-ease.

I recall Aunt Ranger presenting a red plastic heart keychain to Cuga - which promptly developed a beak shaped notch in the side. In fact, we have a card for her on the rolodex that details her age when we got her and such things. It also has a beak notch on the edge.

She'll bite ANYthing!

She also used to 'kiss' us with her little leathery tongue touching ours...until she did it once after she'd munched down on a hot pepper. We quit that little trick let me tell you! Now, she says Bye-bye when we wave at her. Sometimes she shortens it to just Bye. Parrots are smarter than some people they meet.