Monday, June 8, 2009

All sorts of do's . . .

To do:

Feed Cat: She slept in this morning. Wanted much brushing before food.

Buy Gas: Yikes. $2.53 a gallon at BJ's

Visit Library: Free. Thank heaven that free is also so much fun.

Pick up prescription: It was ready, too.

Do Crossword: I resent that the answer to the clue "bookish" was nerdy. I told BigEd that I don't consider myself nerdy. He laughed and laughed.

Remind someone pick up his cleaning: No names. It has been a week.

Decide what to have for dinner: Fish. And?

I haven't done it yet but I need to call for an appointment to get the locks scissored. I am dreading the locks. (Heh.) Last time, it was layered up the back. Wouldn't turn under naturally but wanted to wave in an independent manner. I hope to wave goodbye to layers. Have I let it grow out enough?

Probably not . . . I may be (snicker) locked into layers.

I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not . . .


ol Doc said...

I'm still stuck on gas being so cheap where y'all are. We paid 2.56 Saturday and that was with 3-cents off at Wally World. Maybe it's because you're a port city and it doesn't cost so much to deliver. Maybe not.

Zeta said...

Yes, I too am stuck on the price of gas. Everytime I drive by the gas station by our house, the price is higher than the day before. At least your dry cleaning is clean. Mine is stilled folded on the guest bed waiting to be delivered. Wally World. LOL.

Big Ed said...

I got the dry cleaning done, don't need gas just yet. Thank God for the little things.