Saturday, June 6, 2009


We might as well not even have a cat, right now. I believe this because right now, thunder has rolled. Mew rolled with it - into another dimension possibly. She is invisible at the moment and crouched under the dining room table.

Lightning can't see her when she is invisible. The fact that I see her? Irrelevant.


Zeta said...

Aww…… kitty is scared. Mew may need a hug after the sun arrives in the morning.
The thunder and lightning made all of us wonder including Mew, “Are we going to lose power, again?”

ol Doc said...

Kitty would have had to shove over if the thundering and lightening were lumbering and frightening.

I'd have been under the table with her!

Big Ed said...

She is getting braver, at least she doesn't hide so we can't find her. When the thunder is so loud that is when she takes cover. She is getting better. She is slowly getting out of the closet and staying in the open places under the table.