Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunday, Fathers, celebrations . . .

We had a special time on Father's Day. J and I met Zeta and M plus their kids and kids' spouses at the Rockfish Grill. E's parents came also. Zeta and M got there early and had the tables re-arranged so that we could all sit together.

Afterward, we all went back to the house where the most desserts were. That was Zeta and M, again. She had made little spice cakes and brownies. There was 6 carb cheesecake for those who wished to go that route. Ice cream? Oh, yes. Several varieties both leaded and unleaded. Plus fresh ground and brewed Starbucks.

Dinner at home. later, was practically non-existent that evening: snacks and grazing for the most part.

You could tell everyone was having a wonderful time by the noise level.

No ice-breaking necessary.


ol Doc said...

Is this the same Rockfish Grill as in Washington State? I googled and there is a website. It always sounds so good when you mention dining there. Makes me drool.

RANGER said...

01 Doc, I don't think the one you Googled is the same as the one we visit. This one is family owned. It reminds me of the old "Shrimp Place" on NW 7th Avenue, only it is not even half as large.

We certainly do get personal service. Once, the chef came out and told J that whenever steak is ordered, he cooks it last so he can watch it carefully. J had received his steak a little after all of the rest of us had been served. It was worth the little wait, though.