Sunday, August 22, 2010


We still can not get U-verse at our house. I just checked again. No, we can not have it sayeth the site. Would we like to be notfied if that situation changes so that we can? Have it?

I clicked yes and added the information required of us. We are the have-nots of our county. If you are following Big Brother 12, you are aware of how sad it is to be a have-not.

I like the ATT service for my phone. It lets me talk to just about anyone I need to. But, evidently, our small enclave is not important enough in the ATT scheme of things to warrant U-verse service.

I know. I should just keep checking and hope for a surprise. Hello, my dear Comcast. We are still joined at the hip.


ComcastCares1 said...

Hi there!

May I ask why you're switching? I work for Comcast. Maybe I can help.

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

RANGER said...

Of course you may ask. We wish to be able to watch any recorded program from any room in the house, simultaneously, while fast forwarding, pausing and rewinding as we please. We wish to record four programs at once. We wish the plethora of choices that will be available.

And we wish not to lose our picture and sound when winter temperatures drop into the thirties. Which they occasionally do, here, with the result of increased tiling the colder it becomes outside until everything comes. to. a. halt.

ol Doc said...

Good answer! That last reason is especially important, now that it's football season!

Well - Comcast Guy, what say you?

RANGER said...

We did not like the disagreeable but honest answer we received from Comcast when we called about the tiling effects of cold weather. They won't upgrade the outside equipment because we have so few days of cold temps that affect the equipment we have now. Can you imagine?