Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary, J!

BigEd has been generous enough not to share the bug he has contracted. So far, anyway. We laid in a new supply of Purell, yesterday, and my fingernails are about to dissolve from all of the hand washing.

He is taking his antibiotic. There is some light showing at the end of his tunnel. He stayed home on Thanksgiving so as not to share with a larger group. Zeta kindly sent him a care package of really good feastings. I have to say, I helped him out with the stuffing - just a little bit.

We will finish up today with turkey and yellow rice for dinner. There is not much that yellow rice can not improve for us, leftover turkey being prime in that group.

When I was slicing the turkey breast on Thursday, I dropped a bit by accident. Mew was watching but forbore to dash in and grab it. I don't allow her in the kitchen when I am cooking. She knows she is welcome any other time. Smart kitty. So I dropped the forbidden piece in her food bowl.

It was Catsgiving, after all . . .


Zeta said...

Hum, the stuffing and gravy were excellent. Thank you. We had a great time. Hopefully, Ed will get well soon! :)

ol Doc said...

Big Ed needs to feel better soon and the cat would like another dropped piece of food in her bowl. Don't you hear it? "Purrs Sirs, may I have some Murrr. " Dickens may have been owned by a cat!

RANGER said...

Zeta, the whole menu was spectacular. That turkey was so juicy. Adam has that down pat.

I spoke too soon. Came down with the same thing Edward has. We are commiserating.

ol Doc said...

Sorry to hear you're sick, too. May antibiotics hasten the end of the crud you both have. :(