Thursday, November 4, 2010

Arrival, yay!

Jarden Corporation sent us the 18" Patton fan. It arrived yesterday afternoon. Unlike our previous fans, we had to assemble the base. Or rather, J did. It is working fine and I want to say a huge


to the customer service department at Jarden Corporation. They do care about their customers.


Zeta said...

Wow....great news. Way to go Ranger. All from you finger tips to your home. Nice.

ol Doc said...

Suggested letter of thanks.....

Nice going, Jarden Corp, Customer Service. Now we won't have to send Uncle Vinnie to see youse guys after all. You remember Vinnie - he's the uncle who never takes a shower and is followed by a cloud of flies every where he goes. You'd need a warehouse sized fan to combat Vinnie. Good thing you gave up that 18" job to da customer in da Tropix.
Signed-The Family.