Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Up, up, and away

It's early and quiet. I plan to be at the store when it opens to pick up a few things. (Okay, pecans which I forgot to buy.) I had failed to find turkey wings at my local Publix, which is small. Zeta called me while she was shopping in the mega-Publix near her work and I asked her to look. It was so crowded she pulled her basket instead of pushing it in some places. I felt badly for asking but she cheerfully braved the crush of people and found some. Yaayy, Zeta!

The wings will be boiled with onion, celery, seasonings, and carrots to make stock for stuffing and gravy. If they are boiled until they are a tasteless bony mush, all the flavor moves into the stock. Discard those tasteless solids, though. I think even our cat would turn up her nose if I offered them.

However this is not Catsgiving, so I won't . . .


ol Doc said...

I guess the stuff boiling away to make stock isn't like a 2nd timer teabag. You can't use it again?

And, we'd have given you from our stash of Pecans, if we'd been able to visit at all, a-tall. Altho it's been a poor crop this year. Really poorly! We haven't collected so much as a shell. The only nuts are in our freezer. Don't say anything about the nuts in the rest of the house, we've heard it allll before :)

RANGER said...

I wasn't even thinking that, I promise. Heh.

Are we there yet?

Zeta said...

Road trip! The stuffing was so good. Mark was asking about the gravy and I reminded him, it was all gone.