Saturday, April 20, 2013

Schedule changes . . .

We stayed up until 2 a.m. in order to say goodbye to BigEd as he left for Orlando, with friends.  He came back inside twice to gather up items he needed and almost left without.  This, after making lists on computer and iPhone which were consulted faithfully.

We went to bed after he left, leaving Miu to put herself to bed when she felt like it and leaving Snax in his room.  He is not familiar with the inflexible rules of the house such as no cats on the table or counter.  Miu is quite familiar with these codes of feline conduct.  She would be aghast if she saw them violated.

Because of shifting sleep times, we rose late.  The cats were not at all forgiving.  

Breakfast should never be served after noon.

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ol Doc said...

Cats that get up before noonday need to be able to pick locks at our house. They find themselves on the other side of a locked door without a key under the mat. There's not even a mat!

On the other hand, she is allowed to sleep on the couch in the downstairs room. That makes her feel a little more in charge of things.