Monday, April 22, 2013

Trading games of choice . . .

It is a known thing that J and I like to do crosswords.  Most days, we print the one in our local paper so we each have an enlarged copy. There is no competition between us or not much anyway.

J's brother, who lives in Tennessee, does Sudoku.  We send him copies of our local Sudoku and he sends us crosswords from his local paper.  He cuts them out. He marks them Monday thru Friday and is careful to include answers from the Saturday crosswords from the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times.  All this is by snail mail - which tells you something.

I have gone further afield, for him, than our local Sudoku.  There is a site that rates its Sudoku as Evil, Egregious, Excruciating, Extreme, and Excessive. This is the increasing order of difficulty.  Today, I discovered that I can print the answers to these bad boys on the reverse side of the page.

So I did. It makes me feel like the Answer Angel.


ol Doc said...

I have an HP8600 Printer on the little home network. There are several aps. that you can print. You can set the printer to automatically kick out the daily crossword/answers, sudoku, TV guide (No channel numbers but the nightly programming & you can pause delivery in case you're away on vacation. I have mastered copying from the original and sending email to the printer. It has its' own email address. I still have to figure out scanning and need a phone hookup to send/receive facsimiles. We are getting there. If you and John visit - or Charlie, I can supply puzzles...heh

RANGER said...

I have an HP 4780 which is probably the model used aboard covered wagons. It has bluetooth capability but I just turn that off when I accidentally turn it on.