Saturday, May 3, 2008

Answers ...

I should have waited until Zeta and M get back before doing this question and answer session. I didn't though and will just have to add hers if she posts questions.

Coffee Bean said...

1. How long have you been reading Pioneer Woman's blog?

I found Pioneer Woman when she won the bloggie award for best writing. I had to go and see who beat dooce in that area. I agree with the choice and think she will win again next year. After I found her site, I went back to her first entry and read forward to the present. Some of the questions folks ask her let me know that they haven’t read her earlier posts. She seems to have the patience of Job.

2. What is your favorite dessert?

A friend of my mother’s used to serve us a seven layer chocolate cake that was like taking a bath in chocolate and rubbing it in your hair. It came from Tyler’s restaurant, which is not in business any more. Also, Sonny Richard’s fudge. Same effect.

3. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

There is no short answer to this question. We’ve had 2 collies (not at the same time), 2 german shepherds (a mother and son), an inherited italian greyhound mix, and a chow since we’ve been married. Plus 2 Siamese cats, a Burmese cat, rescued cats, cats that just moved in and our current little tyrant. We’ve also had tropical fish, turtles, a newt that escaped, plus a parrot and an iguana as extended family that lived down the street. If it’s living and breathing, we like it. I even brought home some ring-neck snake babies (from the university where I worked) for a terrarium, but we released them. They ate live insects.

Susan said...

1. What is your favorite childhood memory?

I spent some wonderful times up in a Chinese Cherry tree reading and eating cherries. If I didn’t move around too much, the Mockingbirds and Blue Jays would join me. I read every book in the "Wizard of Oz" series up in that tree.

Later, fishing in the Keys and staying at the Coral Castle which is what we called the Goetz house.

2. Name 3 TV shows you cannot go without watching.

Martha (Stewart, sorry, but it’s true)
Masterpiece which used to be Masterpiece Theatre, on PBS.
If Midsomer Murders is ever aired again in the U.S., then drop Martha and add that one, if I am limited to three.

3. If you could vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

01 Doc and I still haven’t visited Cross Creek. We need to do that as an homage to Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.

ol Doc said...

1. The older you get, the more things change. What one change is the best? Which is the least liked?

It’s good that as
I get older, the more farsighted I've become. I’ve now aged into nearly 20/20 distance vision and can still read 8 point type (6 point if it is dark print and I squint) without glasses.

The bad part is that I have to have regular injections into the eyes to keep that vision. If not for the advances made through research, I would probably be unable to see to drive, by now. My retina specialist tells me tales of how it used to be. He is so happy to have the tools to make a difference.

2. If you could do it all over again, would you reconsider and actually allow me to take down that old chandelier in the house we grew up in, assuming we wouldn't have been stopped on the way out that bathroom window? :)

Instead of meeting the young lad (across the rock wall) with innocent faces and telling the tale that we used to live there, we would have been purveyers of you know what. Remember, at the Christopher Place, when I told you we should leave? Who did we see driving by? What kind of vehicle was he driving? Uh-huh. Rest my case.

3. What 3 modern conveniences could you do without and still be content.

I could do without: gramophones, teletypes, and velcro. I know that only velcro really answers the true spirit your question. Okay, in modern terms: make it plastic mollies, wallboard, and velcro.

I would really like a flat HDTV, thank you very much ... wall mounted for choice. But, not with plastic mollies or velcro, on wallboard.

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