Friday, May 30, 2008

Fool with me, willya ...

One of our little, homey group telephoned CVS and used the automated system to try to refill a prescription. The automated system did not offer a selection that allowed the time for pickup to be nailed down.

I called the pharmacy itself in order to speak to a warm, living soul. The system put me on hold, hold, hold, hold. You get the idea.

So we called the same CVS number from a cell phone while I waited on the land line. (Two incoming calls on hold-hold-hold should dictate that customer service kicks in.) A warm, living body picked up my land line call and asked me again to hold, hold, hold. Then I was disconnected. Lather, rinse, repeat, I called again.

Finally, a second, warm, living person told me that, per the insurance company, it was too soon to refill the order. 'Scuse me? We had only five days left of medication and I told the warm, living ear about that.

"Try again on Monday" was the warm, living suggestion. After saying that I would check with the insurance company, we hung up gently, gently.

Wouldn't you know? Just know? The insurance company assured me that the medication claim had already been paid, this afternoon.

When I called the pharmacy back, a sorrowful, third, warm, living voice assured me that the medication was ready for pickup in five minutes.
Customer service is a chink in their armor and I know where it lives.

They knew not with whom they dealt. This was nothing compared to trying to get the Controller's Office to free up a requisition which had been swallowed up by their purchasing system. Or soothing a member of the entitled public who refused to listen to "no" in its various polite forms.

I R A pro ... retired.


Zeta said...

Hum, wonder if I will ever be I R A pro. . . retired. Maybe some day.

ol Doc said...

I R A close to retired but I R A not there yet. I R A seein' the tunnel at the end of the light :)