Friday, May 9, 2008

Stock anyone?

Our 12 quart stainless stock pot started to leak at the rivets. It had come from Ebay and lasted long after any warranty had expired. It was time to replace it.

Well, the stock pot I evaluated at first was the All Clad 12 quart. But I had to face facts. I was looking for a
large, stainless steel, heavy bottomed pot to make stock in, not an instant family heirloom. Calphalon seemed a good second choice and I would not have to take out a loan on our marmalade and white cat to get one.

Bed Bath and Beyond had sent a 20% coupon to us. Even better. The salesperson at the store did not have the 12 quart size in stock. He offered to order it, use the coupon, waive shipping and send it to my house. Suuuurrrrre, I said. Order away.

It came a few days ago. I haven't used it yet. Today may be the day ...


ol Doc said...

Oh, how awesome. For a crock-pot, that is. I really like the see through lid. How many times have you had to evade steam burns, lifting a solid lid to see what's happening inside the pot. Like, what besides cooking could possibly be going on in there?

Zeta said...

Lol, yes the pot is nice and big. The glass lid allows ones mind to find answers to the question of "What is happening to the food now?"