Monday, July 7, 2008

Announcing . . .

S was the center of attention as he opened his Garmin GPS, a combined birthday gift from the assembled group. Thereafter, the GPS was the center of his own fascination as he set it up, chose a language (he decided after some consideration that English would do), a time zone, etc. He had to wait, however until after the delicious barbecue lunch was devoured and the table cleared before the time was declared to open the gift. He was requested to read every word of the various cards aloud. Being thorough, he included the envelopes and logos from the backs of the cards.

Zeta and M can seat ten in their dining room and there were exactly that many of us around the table. We had a joyous time.

David N. came but he had to leave right after lunch to attend his sister's wedding. Actually he had to pick her up. We made sure he left on time. J, Big Ed, and I had not seen him for nine years. He had been a member of the same scout troop as S and even lived with Zeta and M during some of his high school years. He has been in the Army for nine years now.

S is now emblety-emp years old, which does not seem possible.

July is a busy birthday month for Zeta and M:
1) S.
2) A.
3) M.
4) M's twin bro D.
5) their mother Mrs. A.
6) me.

This is an official announcement.
I am not doing my personal birthdays any longer. A cake, a card and a "have a nice one" will do, thank you. And I mean that wholeheartedly. Pay attention, y'all!


ol Doc said...

We might even manage to slip in an "AH-LOVE_EWE" with the aforementioned cake, card and 'have-a-nice-one'. . . :)

Big Ed said...

Sis, call me.

RANGER said...

Thank ewe, too, 01 doc and back atcha. 'ats the spirit I was trying to convey.

Actually, the "sis, call me" thing sounds ominous.

It's just that there is not much that I need.

ol Doc said...

I jumped for the phone before I noticed which Sis was to call whom. Sat back down again. :)

RANGER said...

01 doc, that's funny. I really did LOL.

Oh, I wish you hadn't paused to reflect. Those calls are soooo welcome.

Zeta said...

I spoke to Biged yesterday while I was at school which was before this post was read. Hum, whisper, whisper.