Monday, September 29, 2008

Different kind of alligator . . .

Last century, after Hurricane Andrew left almost every standing tree strewn all over the city, someone offered to loan us a chain saw. It was so useful that we bought a smaller one of our own. The one we had borrowed was a huge Stihl. It was powerful enough to use on a forest if there was one around here. Which there isn't.

We wore out the little one. It was actually too lightweight. So the people
, in this family, who would like another one have been dropping broad hints suggestions about needing a chain saw. Personally, I am wary about the occasional use of a machine that could kick back and divide a torso right down the middle, or sever some useful bodily attachment, say an arm or leg.

During a cable program called "I Want That," something called an Alligator Lopper was demonstrated. It is a
safer kind of chainsaw which is scaled to use on 4" branches.

I did want that. It is being shipped out this week. And the reason I had to order it from instead of just going out and buying one? Aside from the no-tax, no-shipping,
gas-saving reasons?

Those demanding family members specified that they want the more rare, more portable, 18 volt, cordless model . . .


Zeta said...

Looks like a great purchase. Light weight, comes with goggles, and you already have gloves. No worries, I do not have any trees so your Alligator Lopper will be safe in your home.

RANGER said...

People who left reviews at Amazon said that by moving it around a larger branch, branches larger than four inches could be cut. BigEd said the hibiscus are getting bushy and he's correct. It's like being on a committee: if you make a suggestion, you get to be in charge of carrying it out, most likely.