Sunday, September 7, 2008

What we need . . .

Yesterday, we went to the Rockfish Grill for dinner. It was such a delicious feast: on shrimp in my case. We were celebrating, very belatedly, a long-past birthday. It is probably the most drawn-out birthday on record.

We may not feel any effects but minor ones from the hurricane named Ike. My niece had written to me that it was probably our turn. I agreed with her. And yet, perhaps not, after all.

We follow the advisories at 5 am, 11 am, 5 pm, and 11 pm most intently because the new tracking computer models are available at those times. After one sees the track for oneself and hears the explanation, then the scare tactics of some of the forecasters are not nearly as effective. We have learned which forecasters are more lurid and dramatic. We tend to avoid those channels.

I feel sorry for the people in islands to the south of us who are feeling the real lash of the wind and water intrusion in mountainous or coastal areas.

We need a rainbow, don't we?


Zeta said...

We have a pot of gold since Ike is leaving us alone without drama so far. The islands south of us are in trouble as you stated. We hope E.s relatives are doing OK. The wind may pick up speed when I arrive to work this afternoon. Maybe the evening shift should leave early as we have in the past. Our boss left that decision up to us, and we left two hours early.

ol Doc said...

Hopefully the wind will be a gentle steady breeze and nothing more. Prayers for relatives on the big island - where ever the storm hits!

RANGER said...

I feel almost guilty that it hit them so hard instead of coming here. I am giving thanks and praying for those down there, too.

I don't know if you saw the picture, in today's paper, of the devastated father holding up his little daughter who had been killed. It is so compelling, Pulitzer Prize material. It strikes to the heart.

ol Doc said...

Is it in the Hurled? The Miami Hurled, that is...maybe we'll surf on over and take a look. Pulitzer photographer from the Islands?